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Jamie Foxx Roasts Doug Williams

He’s your conscious

by j. brotherlove

OMG… I’ve been laughing at this for the past 30 minutes. It could be considered bad form on the part of Jamie Foxx but it’s funny as hell. Proof that all comics aren’t created equal, Jamie rips comedian Doug Williams a new one at Shaq’s All Star Comedy Roast of Emmitt Smith. The roast was in 2003 but I hadn’t seen a clip until now. I wonder if Netflix carries it…

Note: True to black comedy tradition, there’s plenty references of “nigga”, “bitch”, and “motherfucker” in the clip. In case you’re sensitive to that. You know how we do.

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Ok, that was funny, but cruel at the same time. For a known celebrity to upstage an unknown when everyone could see he was bombing, was a bit mean-spirited. Jamie should have let the poor guy die a quick death and get off the stage.

2. righteous asiatic

Actually, I own the DVD and Doug Williams started off pretty OK in the beginning. Like any begining comedian he made one or two misses, nothing big. But jamie Foxx acted like a real greedy asshole and interfered.
Otherwise DW had done his thing, and it would have been allright.

As a nod to karma, Jamie Foxx fell flat on his ass at the 2007 Grammys. I can’t remember a comic bombing that bad on an awards show before. He was making the gas face for the rest of the night.

4. watchitagain

All of you who think it’s Jamie’s fault that this happened need to watch the clip again. First of all, Jamie was the host of the roast and his job was to keep the show rolling in the right context. Doug Williams went on rambling about Shaq and Monique and Big B*tch*s and everything else under the sun at a Roast for EMMIT SMITH! Jamie tried to remind Doug that it was a Roast for Emmit Smith and that maybe he should say something nice about him. He said this with all due respect even after Doug made the comment about Jamies 2 movies ‘Held Up’ and ‘Bait’. Doug should not have went there with Jamie to begin with and he got just what he deserved. If you step into the cage with the lion, you get bit. Cased Closed!

Not a Jamie Foxx apologist, just a realist…

5. shaka

Jamie was harsh. It was mean spirited. He never should have interferred in the first place. Despite being the host of the show, he should have had the class not to step in.

6. zulu

Doug sucked up there. He just wasn’t making anyone laugh. Then he attacked Jamie and that wasn’t funny either. Jamie decided to fight back, which is fully expected at a roast. Did Jamie blast Doug to an excessive point? Yeah, that can certainly be argued. And Jamie was mean spirited, but the bottom line is Doug was tanking and the roast needed to move on.

7. randolph

there is no law written in stone that roasts are not focused on the guest comedians

every roast i have ever seen does this

wrong on the part of fox

8. LA comic

Anyone who knows Doug Williams knows he is a self centered dude with no manners. He complained to the owner after I bombed and made a big deal out of it. He just got some charma back. I felt sorry for him but thought it was pretty damn funny to a very arrogant dude. Just keepin it real.

9. Wolfie

What all u guys saying that Foxx shouldn’t of done that? Get real! C’mon read watchitagain’s post he has it all right down to a tee! Jamie foxx did nothing but keep the ball rollin

10. Bread

Doug was awful! The very first time I saw the clip, I could tell right away that he was bombing, specifically @ the point where he says, “Let’s give it up for Shaq…”. Did this guy not prepare or something? I take acting & I know that with anything to do with stage, if you have ever messed up once, it’s usually when you are inexperienced, & you will NEVER HAVE IT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!

But @ something like this; Emmitt Smith’s Roast?!?! He got what he deserved. I’m almost certain that had he not blasted Jamie’s flix, Jamie would have found a different way to actually help him. Foxx has class, but he’s still the shit!

You’ve gotta’ keep the show rolling, and if Doug’s not professional enough to know that about show biz, he better explore different career paths.

The funniest part of the whole thing was right @ the very end when he says, “Doug Christie, everybody…”. If you get that subtle rip @ Doug that he squeezes in right there, it is the ultimate pay-off! That made me laugh the hardest! I mean, the crowd doesn’t even process it. It’s the smartest part of the entire thing.

11. Kenny

To the guy that commented 4th on how Doug Williams wasnt roasting the guy who was the rostie, Emmitt Smith. Go on youtube and look up roasts with Don Rickels

12. mike

man this could have went either way. I do wish that janie did not bust him out. Definitely mean spirited, but doug should have kept jamie name out of his mouth and the extra fuel would have not been added to the fire. I just hope that doug can learn for it and let it build him. If not he may end up fading away and falling back on something else

13. alwilliams06

Jamie was went a little too far but this dude deserved it. This was a roast and from all the roast I’ve seen its gloves off no holds barred. He was a little dude trying to rock with the big dogs and he just couldn’t hang. He lives to fight another day.

14. jay

to the guy who said he needed to focus on Emmitt. Dick Gregory was right before him and said nothing about Emmitt Smith at all. Foxx was just being a dick, and it was funny at first, but went too far.

Karma is crazy though, cause Foxx bombed at the Grammys.

15. Shanty

Doug Christie that stupid ape got exactly what he deserved… tryin to upstage the fine Jamie Foxx and got his ass handed to him like the 2-bit shark-bait he is. Mofo need to learn to respect the MAN IN DA HOUSE!!! He don’t do that… he gonna ge’im some straight-up ass-whoopin’. Keepi it real JF - you da mannnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

16. Tyrese Williams

Doug should have known better. If your job is being a comedian, and you are invited to one of these things and even if you have no jokes or nothing much to say, wrap up with some feel good stuff to say and give it a close. You will not be remembered or forgotten.

17. Jamie Foxx

Doug Deserved it. but man Jamie is hilarious..This is not Jamie Foxx..Im your counsious..hahahaha

18. Paul

Jamie Foxx is an asshole, and anyone who thinks what he did was funny is one too. Only a true fucker would use his power and status to put down someone who is trying to make it in the business. Apparently Foxx can make jokes, but he can’t take them! Maybe you idiots haven’t watched a roast, but you don’t take the job of hosting one IS YOU CAN’T TAKE A FUCKING JOKE!!! FUCK JAMIE FOXX!!!

19. ImThatGuy

Hmmm…… These guys are comedians… They rip on people in the media, they rip on people in the audience…and you guys are crying for a comedian that got ripped by another comedian…get your mind right… The show was funny as hell, I bet you if it was monique, she would probably came back at Jamie with something harder. Because this is what they do.. They ripp on people. This is part of the game… “Too mean spirited”.. Hell I think he was too nice… shut up and enjoy the show..

20. what?

That shit was not mean. He had a perfect opportunity. If doug would’ve shot something back that wasn’t stupid, it would’ve been twice as funny and jamie wouldve been done.