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100 Grand

I am trying to be more cognizant of positive things in my life. The closing of 2003 brought about two milestones. My car (the Boycruiser)…

by j. brotherlove

I am trying to be more cognizant of positive things in my life. The closing of 2003 brought about two milestones. My car (the Boycruiser) flipped over 100,000 miles and I accumulated over 100,000 visits to I don’t know which one freaks me out more.

For some reason, I never expected to own a car with so many miles on it (and 98% of them are miles I drove). But outside of a few issues I need to address soon, the boycruiser runs fine. In fact, my Grand Am’s given me very few problems in the nearly five years I’ve owned it. The best news is I will be paying off the car this year and will (hopefully) be able to live without a car note for awhile. I so look forward to that. I’d love something new to drive but not if I have to pay for it. Besides, all I have to do is take better care of my car and he’ll take care of me.

As for, I never had any precise goals when it came to visitors to this website. I like having people read my writings of course and I do check my referral logs fairly regularly to see where my traffic is coming from and what pages are most popular. But I have no real “goal” as for what those numbers should be.

Nevertheless, my site has performed decently thanks to one, particularly inflammatory post and a cocktail recipe. I can be proud of that. Now I’m thinking of how I can kick it up a notch. More prose, perhaps? Nudity? And what about those music reviews I wanted to do (before everybody else started doing them)? Hmm… I really like J*****’s poll idea. Or maybe I should give the mini-blog thing a try again. What ever I decide, it will be delicious. Trust.

Stay tuned, you sexy beast. And thanks for stopping through.

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j. i’ve enjoyed reading your blog for this past year i’ve been aquainted with you via the web. kicking it up a notch might require more work that you bargain for. i have no complaints with so far…. but if we can get a few more kevin specific posts, that might add that extra spice you’ve been looking for. LOL!

yea add kevin specific posts *lol* but ihave truly enjoyed visiting/reading journal you write well, keep that up.

by the way keep the maintenance up on the grand am cause having a car note isn’t fun at all i can’t wait until 2006 to pay off mine and paying car notes sure make your life go by fast. hey when you get that caddy xlr, pick me up i wanna cruise in it with you.

happy belated new year may it be filled with plenty of blessings.

I creeped through your site long before I posted my first comment. I found it refreshing, interesting, and heavy on the love…shit I crave when surfing the web.

Congrats on the accomplishments, you deserve it, for a site well done.

J, I am totally impressed and wish you much continued success. My beast will be paid for this year and lawd knows she needs some love.

Before I moved to NYC, I owned a 1986 Grand Am, that I bought in ‘87, which lasted until ‘98. I don’t know how many miles I put on it, but that last year, it was sucking money out of my wallet in repair bills. I miss that old thing.

Yours is one of the blogs I always read because there’s usually an interesting take on your personal life that never borders on self-indulgence or whininess. These things can be a great place to navel gaze, but you seem to invite the reader to share a part of your world.