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2006 In Review

It’s a meme, baby!

by j. brotherlove

As the net crawls during this last week, blogs that are active are generally consumed with posting end-of-year reviews and “best of” lists. But even that can be a chore. So I’m shirking that approach in terms of a meme that scratches the blogger’s itch without requiring any new content.

I first saw it at Terrance’s spot. Who saw it at The Clutter Museum via Queen of West Procrastination via Reality Check via A.K.A. Binsk via well, you get the picture.

Instructions: Record the first sentence of the first blog post of every month this year.

  • January: What a long-ass short week!
    Gathering No Moss
  • February: Rabbit Rabbit
    February Already
  • March: But before I get to the title of this post, let me tell you that I suck at social interaction.
    Happy Birthday, You’re Fired
  • April: If you’re privileged enough to know me (and yes, I consider knowing me a privilege - hope you feel the same about yourself), then you know that Marvin Gaye is one of my favorite artists.
    Trouble Man
  • May: A good way for shaking a rut is to take a trip, right?
  • June: Lynne has been talking of redesigning her site for some time now.
    Redesigning Lynne
  • July: Change Is Good, Right?
    Changing Every Day
  • August: Feast or Famine is pretty much how this blogging thing goes, right?
    The B-List (07/2006)
  • September: I’m slowly getting back into the grind after Atlanta Black Pride.
    Atlanta Black Pride Recovery
  • October: [Blog Hiatus] No posts in October 2006
  • November: Since taking my most recent hiatus, my referrals have only dropped slightly and emails have increased regarding my opinion on everything from the recent gay bashings in Atlanta (which I commented on at Rod 2.0), to acoustic reggae by Tanya Stehens, the CLIK Honors, BlogBeef ‘06 (The Jets vs. The Sharks), The Closet - Platinum Edition, diversity within the gay community, Ballroom Rockstar, proper online hookup etiquette, the future of the Black blogosphere, and GMAD’s “Premiere” issue of Pulse.
    I Got Your Message
  • December: As a black, gay man, I don’t have the luxury of solely writing about HIV/AIDS once a year.
    World AIDS Day: Where’s The Love?

Thanks for a great year. See you on the other side!

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