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Another Lost Weekend

Where do they go?

by j. brotherlove

Loverboy usually falls asleep on my chest. However, he isn’t feeling well and spent most of last night in a fetal position. His absence from the crook of my armpit caused me to sleep differently and now, I have a crook in my neck.

A crook in my neck and I’m sitting at work which sucks. Work has been sucking pretty consistently for the past couple of months. I really need to do something about the situation; I’m beginning to get bitter. My current plan (other than winning the lottery although I don’t play) is to focus on school next semester. I’m hoping classes distract me from my current routine. Routine is a Piscean nightmare. It suffocates us and leads us down the dark path. Trust.

Not that there aren’t things to do. But I’m lacking the motivation to do them on my own. Even when I try, disaster ensues. For example, there was Raphael Saadiq on Saturday. Wood and I discussed attending but decided to ditch him (since the chance of seeing Joi perform with him was slim) for two films at Atlanta’s Out On Film Festival. Unfortunately, I forgot to reserve our tickets in time. We arrived at the theatre to a mob scene of sissies, all just as pissed that the rest of the night’s lineup was sold out.

I was bummed; especially since I attended Brother to Brother the night before and was still floating from that cinematic experience. Although a bit precious, I really dug the film’s storyline, flashbacks and performances (there’s an interesting discussion going on at IMDB about viewer’s ratings, incidentally). I may have more to say about how the movie affected me in a later post. Outside of the film, I was impressed at the overwhelming amount of black faces in the sold-out crowd on Friday. In Atlanta, it’s rare to have that many black homosexuals turn out for anything other than a party. Sweet.

Anyway, with Saturday’s Plan A and Plan B deflated, Loverboy and I opted for Enduring Love which we easily found to be the worse film we’ve seen all year. To top it off, the temperature in the theatre was about 50 degrees.

The rest of the weekend found me in a PS2 funk; dividing my time between Metal Gear Solid: Sons Of Liberty and Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

And now, it’s Monday again. How unfair is that?

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Won’t school just be another routine? *pause*

Oh, you have that plan to win the lottery (that you don’t play) too? Here I was thinking it was me who was sooo over the notion of working.

*dying laughing at “mob scene of sissies”*

A mob scene of sissies, huh? Kinda like the bachelor party before Star Jones’ wedding?

Anitra - You are correct; eventually school will become a routine as well. Perhaps a more accurate way of putting this is I need a new routine.

Bernie - So wrong, so wrong.

Umm..if you’re going win, and Anitra’s gonna win, what are the chances that my Lotto fantasy will actually come true? LOL…I don’ t play either, but I spend that money in my mind everyday.

Uncle Bernie is so bad!!!

I think you need to update. NOW. I need something to do while I’m in class.

I’m just discovering your ‘site, EJ referred you to me. I love the diversity, the energy, and your insight.

School might be just another phase, but, it may be that phase to advance you from point A to C … you have to pass B.

I saw that movie and am ambivalent. Check my blog in a day or so, I was wondering why the title, because most if not all of the sex/relationships were with white boys. But maybe there’s a lesson there.

PS: Share your lottery secrets, please.