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Answering Playboy Adonis

Six harmless questions

by j. brotherlove

Several people have opened up their blogs to questions from readers. I’ve shied away from that. However, the talented Playboy Adonis took a break from reading poetry, singing and trying to get issues of Clik Magazine he paid for last year to ask me six questions. Since they weren’t too intrusive, I answered them.

  1. Have you ever been shot or shot at?
    No. But during a case of mistaken identity, I’ve had federal officers point guns in my face. Pretty frightening.
  2. Have you ever gone 24 hours or longer without sleeping?
    Many times. I’m a classic insomniac.
  3. Are you fine with Dr’s sticking you with needles?
    Not a problem with me. I have big veins. However, a faulty phlebotomist can be your worst nightmare.
  4. As a kid, did you ever catch bees, praying mantis, or grass hoppers?
    I’ve always been afraid of bees and wasps (convinced that I would die if I was stung). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a live praying mantis. However, I did like to catch lighting bugs.
  5. Do you know how to pop a wheeley on your bike?
    Sadly, I never mastered that.
  6. Have you ever been intimate with your boss?
    No. I have a personal policy against having sex with people I work with.

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I think everyone who grew up in Illinois caught lighting bugs at one point or another

OMG…I didn’t think my questions got through because I kept getting an error. Wow. Your so thoughtful. That put a smile on my face. Thanks.

You get to wear my rainbow hat, scarf, and matching gloves today….LOL….I wish

Exactly 10 years ago when me and “He” first hooked up, I was sleeping on his couch when loud knocking and banging woke me up. When he answered and opened the door, about 10 FBI agents drew their guns on him while he was standing there in his undeewears. I thought to myself “Who did I get caught up with?”…LOL But someone was going around using his name and robbing people at gunpoint.

I cry like a baby when the Dr. pulls out a needle. I cry when they need to poke my little finger for blood…LOL

I can ride my bike on a wheely from one street corner to the next.

And yes, it had to be me, I cheated on “He” about 4 years ago and had steamy sex with my boss for about 2 weeks. Sorry for this but he has a nice big booty. Since then I’ve changed jobs and gone further up the corporate ladder and my old boss and I are like best friends to this day. The boss was my first and never again since then white guy. (He was 40 so I guess I have a thing for older men)

Thanks again for answering my questions.

PlayboyAdonis: My commenting system is a bit broken. But it’s keeping the spam from posting so I’m afraid to tinker with it. And your experience with the FBI agents is pretty much the same way it went down with me; except I was naked.

Tim: I didn’t know you grew up in Illinois. Those were the days, man. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a lightning bug.

Thinking of J. Brotherlove as a boy running around trying to catch lighting bugs is warmig to the heart and brings a welcomed smile to my face.

Being stung in the eye by a wasp as boy myself, I steered clear of every bug except butterflies for a while. I still run from wasps.

Born and raised in Freeport, IL

6. Elle

I have tiny veins. I HATE getting blood drawn because I know my arms and wrists will look like a heroin addict for a few days after 5 or 6 people have tried to stick me 5 or 6 times each. When you live in Baltimore, that is NOT a good look. Everybody starts suggesting intervention.

I’ve even had doctors suggest I go without the anesthesia because they can’t stick me right.