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Atlanta Black Gay Blogger Meetup

Let’s get together

by j. brotherlove

Life offline has been crazy this week! Before I forget, I’m organizing an Atlanta Black Gay Blogger Meetup this month. The exact day and time is still being confirmed. I want to involve as many people as possible. But I may have to just choose a date and deal with whoever is available or committed enough to attend.

I’ve already tapped Darian, Jonathan, Karsh, Malik, Norris, Prime, Valentino, C. Baptiste-Williams and Wood. But I know there are others. If you know of any black bloggers in Atlanta who write about LGBT issues, let me know (j [at] thebrotherlove [dot] com).

I’m envisioning an informal, laid-back gathering for us to meet in person, fellowship and discuss the circumstances that arise from placing parts of our personal lives online as black/gay folk. No allusions of saving the world, this go round.

BTW, look for me tomorrow at SoCon07!

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We want photos.

What happens at the meetup stays at the meetup. Which may be difficult considering Jonathan and Darian are fond of video.


me, a diva…lol…never…i am just privileged to be a part.

5. intellifreak

Maybe I need to come out of retirement

Exactly! As far as I know, I’m older than all of you. Retirement is not an option.