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B12: A Weekend Realized

Overall, not a bad weekend

by j. brotherlove

  1. Have I told you how much I love you?
  2. Yes. I’m talking to you.
  3. I had a fontastic weekend (as evidenced from by the above graphic); thanks for asking.
  4. First, there was the day off from work which always helps to boost my spirit. I celebrated by sleeping late and playing a lot of Martin Luther and Sons Of Liberty. Prime is playing Snake Eater
  5. Later, Friday night, Loverboy and I caught Five Men On A Stool. Those guys put on a great show. Ken Ford, alone, is worth the price of admission.
  6. I don’t know what’s wrong with my nerves. Hide And Seek made me jump several times. I’m a wimp. I’m also a sucker for any movie with local star Dakota Fanning.
  7. Despite a number of folks harking Gaelle, last year, it was Honey’s comment on my Favorite 10 CDs of 2004 post that gave me the push I needed. Damn, why did I wait so long? “Parkway” reminds me of Elle for some reason - hehe.
  8. “I’m so sick and tired of the shit on the radio / and MTV, they only play the same things / No matter where I go, I see Ashanti in the video / I want something more / We r in need of a musical revolution”. Esthero provides a perfect soundtrack for my sentiments touched on at Anything For Money. Her EP is the hot sauce, incidentally.
  9. Disrespect. Does it have to be intentional? And if it isn’t, who’s responsible?
  10. Lackawanna Blues wasn’t as riveting as I hoped but it was an entertaining adaptation of Ruben Santiago-Hudson’s autobiographical play.
  11. Remember that dilemma I had a couple of weeks ago? I let it go. And I feel good about it.
  12. And yesterday, after juggling and re-juggling my financial commitments, I finally accepted that I cannot make SXSW, this year. I’ll have to settle on being there in spirit.
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Ok….I saw the “hehe” and thought I was gonna hafta get in that azz for being smart. I followed the link and listened to the snippet of the song on Amazon. Well, let me just say…THIS IS MY KINDA MUSIC!!! Now I’m itching like a crackhead just to hear the rest of the song.

Note to self…Pay more attention to bloggers’ recommendations.

Let’s hear it for a weekend realized. I bought Martin Luther a couple of months back, and couldn’t quite vibe to him. I was disappointed, because I was really hoping he could be that CD I could play until it warps. I, too, have peered into my crystal ball and realized that SXSW is not in my future. Ahh well. Back to thesis writing.

3. Cecily

I agree about “Lakawanna”.. it wasn’t as emotionally riveting as I’d hoped, but what really resonated with me was the way they used music - not just as a backdrop, or pertinent percussion, but as a voice to compliment the story. Think back to the bit with Ruben and the guy who killed his woman and her lover. Of course I could watch Jeffrey Wright read the phone book, but still - that bit sent chills down my spine. Without the music it wouldn’t have been nearly as effective.

And Anitra, you’d better bring your breadslice self down to SXSW - I’m gonna be there!

Elle, hit me after you’ve listened to the lyrics of the whole song.

Cecily, I know Meshell Ndegeocello was involved with the music in Lackawanna but I’m unsure of what part she played. I was nodding and popping my fingers thought the entire program. And I totally agree with your assessment of Jeffery Wright.

J, Meshell was the musical director for Lackawanna Blues, and I’m with you and Cecily. I was instantly, INSTANTLY riveted by Jeffrey. As for SXSW…*sigh*…I won’t be going…..

Thanks to EJ, I’ve heard the entire song. There are no words. None. I’mma need you to give me a double high five on those lyrics. Vengeance is sooooooooo sexy.

Man, I love that song. I giggle when it gets to the murder part. Serves ‘em right!

Am I mad that this song makes you think of me? Hell to the nah. Sexy, smooth, stalkin’ bitch that takes no shit? I’ll be that.

Did I mention that I love this song?

*gives Elle ^5 twice*

Great post man, keep doing your thing..

What? J happy? Naaah!! LOL