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Favorite Links Of The Week

Thumbs-up reading

by j. brotherlove

Allied • Writing Yourself Real

I have always believed that what we do here changes who we are out there. I don’t know anyone who blogged back in 2001/2002 who has not been changed by the act of writing, and having been read, in public.

Don’t give up on love or lust for Alexa numbers. Don’t silo for technorati. Don’t sacrifice your heart for traffic.

Cynthia Tucker (AJC) • Even on Sunday, alcohol sales should flow freely

It is an antiquated regulation left over from the days of “Blue Laws,” which prohibited work, commerce and recreation on Sundays. And theocrats such as the Rev. Ray Newman, ethics and public affairs specialist with the Georgia Baptist Convention, believe such restrictions should remain in place.

AfroerotiK • Yous a punk mother fucking bitch

Yeah, you punk mother fucker, thinking you all that. You ain’t shit bitch, that’s right I called you a bitch. You talk shit all fucking day about how you all this and that and you ain’t got shit to show for it ‘cept halitosis. You stand on the corner, grabbing your dick, but everybody know you ain’t packin.

e-piphany • Apple iPhone: not quite flawless…

Besides all this, the seamless integration between Windows Mobile, Exchange Server and Outlook on the desktop is a killer feature for me, personally. Pair them up once, and it just keeps working without interruption. Sure, Apple has the whole push IMAP deal going with Yahoo, but who wants to bother changing email addresses (try suggesting that to business users!) or mail forwarding?

Heaven • my friend james

I was always in impossible situations. “Honey, you won the race of life the day the little sperm met the little egg. You don’t have to do anything,” he told me once, words I’ll never forget. Life doesn’t need to be earned.

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