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It’s Monday, Get Over It

Some linkage to get you going

by j. brotherlove

Eh, another week begins… Ever wondered why you hate Mondays? Here’s a theory. Tuesdays are often worse in my book. Let’s buckle up and get through it, okay? Three items:


The Clik Honors / Elite 25 Awards Show has been getting more PR, lately . The idea of an awards ceremony honoring black LGBT individuals is a great idea. However, the descriptions of the nominees has had me in stitches all weekend. You tell me, between an Author, Novelist and Literary Genius, who do you think will walk away with the award?


Out On Film begins Friday. However, this year’s selection hasn’t produced any films that jump out at me. In fact, the lineup looks a bit dull. It doesn’t help that The DL Chronicles, Episode Robert won’t appear (even though the first episode, Wes, screened last year).

The DL Chronicles has been one of the more popular shorts making the rounds at black LGBT festivals this year. Its exclusion and lack of any significant films featuring black folk (that I’ve found, so far) doesn’t say much for representing all of Atlanta’s gay “community”.

(hi-five to Living Out Loud with Darian)


Over at (my new, favorite blog), Jonathan waxes on the tactic of fighting HIV/AIDS with knowledge and condoms:

“I don’t think education is the key to fighting this disease. Knowing better does not necessarily support the postulation of doing better. Ask yourself, how many HIV/AIDS activist have contracted HIV after becoming activists. How many people have contracted HIV and got the education but still maintain habits that are at odds with the education they received? Ask yourself those questions and then see how airtight Maya Angelou’s colloquialism of knowing better and doing better is. We know better, we just don’t care.”

The whole shebang is worth a read.

On a personal (and rewarding) note, I finished my design portfolio over the weekend (Snoopy dance). Now, the real work begins. Sorry, no cross-contaminating linkage; please inquire within (and be prepared to talk budget).

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Oh dear…so much to process here. Remind me to drop you a line before I head out of town concerning some of this. :)

Whoa. Those nominee descrips are something else! I’ll talk to you off the record regarding the shade…

Going forward, I really need to split these things out into separate posts. There’s three days of blogging right here — hehe.

i just want to take the time to thank you for reading my blog and posting comments on it. I think yours is hot…i wish i was as web savvy as you…

it means a lot to know that people know how to read a blog with an open mind and understand that just because it sounds good doesn’t mean it will work.

Again, I appreciate the love and support.

check this one out: is responsibility such a bad thing.

The film festival’s lineup is plain wrong. I was sad that it seems to have made no effort to be inclusive or better representative of Atlanta. I just shook my head.

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