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Links: Full Gay Spectrum

With pictures and everything

by j. brotherlove

Are you as sick of looking at the design of this page as I am? A change is coming. Trust. But first, we must have links. Because you love them.

A New Donnie Comes Out


After five long years, Donnie follows up his underground soul classic The Colored Section with The Daily News. Daily didn’t grab me as quickly as Colored, but the more I play it, the more I like it. Donnie’s trademark soul/gospel sound and social lyrics are in full effect. Check out his very candid interview with the artist where he discusses everything from his sexuality to the black church:

I just don’t want that to be forgotten, the struggle. I can’t be gay, I can’t be black, I can’t be a woman, I can’t be fat – it’s like, good gracious! People are going to have to realize you’re going have to accept people or you’ll be looked at as a savage, irrational, stupid person.

Democrats to Debate Gay Issues

Hillary and Barack

This presidential campaign season continues to get more fascinating. On August 9 (9:00pm ET) LOGO will air a televised debate devoted to LGBT issues with the leading candidates for the presidency. At NYT’s political blog The Caucus, the debate is whether or not Democrats should even approcah the gay issue for fear it will drive votes to the Republican party. I have to admit I’m torn on the issue.

N*gg** P*rn


The always provactive afroerotic is pissed:

My work in the adult industry as a writer has been extremely frustrating because I have to battle people who refuse to accept that there is a market for Black erotica outside of the ghetto. White publishers tell me that I don’t know what Black consumers want. Read that again. White publishers tell me, a Black woman, that they know better what the Black buying public wants.

Faith Leaders Against Hate

Faith leaders headline

Human Rights Campaign paid for a full page ad in Capital Hill’s Roll Call, featuring progressive African American clergy who support passing the Matthew Shepherd Act:

Our faith tells us that an act of hate upon one member of our community – whether because of race, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability – is an attack on all of us.

Dante’s Cove

A scene from Dante's Cove

For the past week, I’ve been watching here!’s Dante’s Cove. OMG, where have I been? My best description of this queer soap opera is Queer As Folk meets One Life To LIve meets Dark Shadows meets Melrose Place meets Red Shoe Diaries. From the deleted scenes:

Kevin: I can’t believe you kept this from me.

Van: You weren’t well. Coming back from the dead and all? We were trying to protect you.

Love it! Lots of nudity, (fairly graphic) sex and campy situations thanks to the likes of Tracy Scoggins and cast. Looking forward to the Season 3 when Jensen Atwood joins Dante’s paranormal world. Watch clips on the here! video page.

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1. Anitra

Oh my Lord. Dante’s Cove. I started watching this recently and it’s a Grade-A Car Wreck. It’s so bad it’s good. My main question: Why is everyone so greased up all the time? What’s up with all the glistening? LOL

2. John

Lots of interesting topics! Porn? I never could get into any of it, the black stuff seems to be all hood rats, not my types on any level, or Mandingos with the white boiz.

The clergy and the hate crimes bill, its about time.

The “gay debate” nah, more lip service to get a vote. I guess I’m one of the few who does not like it when they pander to me for being black, and now, being gay. I wish they would simply discuss a fairness for all people sort of thing.

heretv!, I’ve never read anyone say they have it!

lol @ Anitra - I know, right! I think that’s suppose dto make everyone look “sexy”. It’s like they took a cue from Belly with everyone oiled down.

I’m not sick of your current design but I’m sort of hoping your new design will scratch my reesign itch. I keep looking at my site and thinking just how much I’m sick of it, but I also don’t really have the energy to tackle it right now. So what I’m saying is, Where’s the new look, mister??