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Links: Getting started with blackgaymecca

Don’t say nobody ever told you

by j. brotherlove

Last week got very busy (and a little traumatic) for me. There’s nothing like some good links to start off the week, right? If you use the microblogging tool Twitter and you’re interested in black LGBT issues, consider following alerts from blackgaymecca.

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Recent Twitter Alerts from blackgaymecca

  • Marvelyn Brown & Jonathan Perry get naked about why prevention efforts fail the black community in HIV+ Magazine [link]
  • AfterElton announces online Gay People’s Choice Awards. Vote on movie, television, music & internet until 1/28 [link]
  • Black LGBT community holds a “first of its kind” Presidential Election forum in Los Angeles on January 23 [link]
  • Gay ally Senator Gwendolyn T. Britt dies; intended to introduced legislation to legalize same-sex marriage in MD [link]
  • Soulforce, National Black Justice Coalition & other LGBT advocacy groups organize to talk to mega-church leaders [link]
  • NAACP National Chairman Julian Bond joins Florida’s Marriage Equality Fight [link]
  • Karen Solomon dispels myths on in The Truth About Gay Guys [link]
  • [NYT] AIDS Patients Face Downside of Living Longer [link]
  • Durek Verrett, The Urban Shaman, brings ancient spiritual wisdom to Los Angeles [link]
  • Photos & update on Chicago march by African-American LGBT & allies protesting unsolved year-old shooting at party [link]

Alternately, you can subscribe to the blackgaymecca Twitter feed.

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