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Links: Lost & Found Edition

Some old; some new

by j. brotherlove


I constantly bookmark sites and articles for later use. Sometimes I never get around to working them into a blog post (such as the pic above from AJC’s Atlanta Black Gay Pride Photo Gallery ). Here are a few links that got lost in the shuffle.

It’s Never Too Late To Come Out

Just ask 88-year-old Loraine Barr who, after spending 44 years with her life partner, found the courage to go public with their relationship by submitting a personal essay to Newsweek’s My Turn section:

Finally, after almost nine years since my beloved partner’s death, I am able to do what I could never have braved in earlier years: pre-sent myself herewith to the world as a lesbian, along with all the women who ask to be judged by the full facet of our characters.

Strength Of A Woman: The Phyllis Hyman Story

The story and struggle of singer Phyllis Hyman is brought to light in the powerful new biography by Jason A. Michael.

Hyman’s 20-year career, which included the release of eight albums and a Tony nomination and Theatre World Award for her Broadway turn in Sophisticated Ladies, was brought to a tragic end by her suicide June 30, 1995, just hours before she was due to take the stage at the legendary Apollo Theatre.

More Than Just My Brother’s Keeper

At Together In Love, Raymond R. Duke pleads for SGL men to heal ourselves:

Brothers are preying on other brothers who are or seem to be desperate to have companionship because of the way they look or act, but mostly due to low self esteem, race consciousness and societal norms.

Measuring Up

From the handy Size Of A Man website:

Whether you are a modest 4.5” with good control skills, or you’re packing a 9” tool that needs no instruction, it’s now time to whip it out, get it measured, and tell the world “ I am a man and here’s what I’ve got.”

And once you get that sorted out you can get yourself fitted for one of these:

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