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Memphis Police Officer Caught Beating Transsexual

Brutal attack caught on video

by j. brotherlove

One Memphis police officer has been fired and another taken off the street after video was obtained and aired by Memphis Action News 5 showing the beating of a transsexual suspect.

The video, recorded February 12th in the booking area of the Shelby County Criminal Justice Center, clearly shows Officer B. McRae punching Duanna Johnson, who was under arrest for prostitution.

Video: WMC-TV

According to Johnson, the officer became upset when she wouldn’t respond to derogatory names like “faggot” and “he/she”. He approached her and began beating her in the face with handcuffs wrapped around his knuckles. The flash of metal can be seen in the video.

Another officer is seen holding her down as she tries to protect herself. Other officers and people are seen in the booking area, but do nothing to intervene. Adding insult to injury, a nurse comes into the area later and tends to a scratch on the officer while Johnson, who has since been sprayed with mace, sits bleeding and pleading for medical attention.

It’s not uncommon for sex workers and transsexuals to face apathy or violence from those put into place to protect us. But it’s rare such an incident is caught on video.

WMC-TV has the full story and updates.

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Wow. The extent of the violence in the beating (by those sworn to uphold the law and protect) should be shocking, but sadly, I’m not surprised at all. As difficult as it is to be a gay or lesbian today, I feel like those in transition have it worse exponentially.

They are investigating *whether* a civil rights violation occurred?! What the hell more proof do they need than the video, a damned play-by-play announcement?!

My hometown. Lord, my hometown.

@Derrick: Sad, but true.

@Rashunda: Right?! I suppose it’ll take months to first determine Duanna Johnson is indeed a citizen with civil rights to violate.

What’s most shocking to me is the number of other people in the room, as seen on the video, who just did nothing and let it happen.

God that makes me angry.

6. AB

What if there were no cameras? God help us.

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