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Momma Used To Say

A learning moment

by j. brotherlove

Momma: “I was thinking about you. I just wanted to make sure you were doing okay.”

Me: “Thanks. I was planning to call you guys last weekend. But I was so busy and it got late.”

Momma:“That’s okay. I know you’re doing your business. Have you found a new friend yet?”

Me: “A friend?”

Momma:“Yeah. You can’t work all the time…”

Me: “Momma, don’t say ‘friend’ like that.”

Momma: “What should I say?”

Me: “If [my brother] was single, you wouldn’t ask him if he had a ‘friend’. You’d say ‘girlfriend’ or something.”

Momma: “Well I don’t know what to say. Should I say ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’?”

Me: “It’s pretty safe to say I won’t be dating any more women at this point. You can say ‘boyfriend’”. *

Momma: “Oh okay.

Momma: “Well have you found a new boyfriend?”

* I may be 40. But I still prefer “boyfriend” over “partner,” “lover,” or “significant other”.

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gotta love momma.

2. LaRufus

Too cute, I guess all Momma’s are the same! Mine still refers to my man as a “room-mate” after almost 27 years, so, with time, mine might come around.

But, you didn’t answer her, got a man yet ?

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