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Nominate Your Queer Of The Year

Joe. My. God. takes a poll

by j. brotherlove

Popular blog Joe. My. God. is conducting a Queer Of The Year Reader’s Poll. Some of the nominations are questionable so feel free to weigh in on the poll for yourself (Friday is the deadline).

I suggested David Malebranche, Keith Boykin, Kevin Aviance, Kim Coco Iwamoto, Patrik Ian Polk and Ramon Johnson to give the list some color.

Thanks goes to Chris for the heads up!

What’s sad is I can’t think of many big name African American entertainers or athletes who are out. Even in this year of gay declarations, not one of them have been black (Orlando Jordan, possibly). We can debate back and forth whether the African American community is more homophobic than others; but our black celebrities are obviously convinced.

I can name a dozen famous African Americans that I wish would give up the straight act. But I’m not a fan of outing. Let’s just hope they get the courage to do it on their own.

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i vote for j.brotherlove!!!