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Random Linkage, Pt. I

Purging Google Notebook

by j. brotherlove

zephoria | blog production/consumption musings:

It’s not that i don’t want to be engaged with meaningful conversations, but somehow, the popularity of blogging and the amount of content that people produce flips the all or nothing bit in my head.

Business Logs | Only 42 Feeds:

Instead of continuously adding new feeds and new sites I stumble upon, I find myself removing feeds more often than I add them.

blac (k) ademic | amc: the good, the bad, and the just plain sad:

i think there needs to be a point where well-meaning white people have to understand that everything doesn’t revolve around them. that we need our own spaces, our own conversations, our own revolution without them trying to infiltrate, co-opt, appropriate and take over.

DOGPOET | Tuesday, June 20, 2006:

Blogging, like walking a tightrope, is best done without looking down. Otherwise you glance down and have a second thought or two. You wonder what the hell made you think that tiptoeing over a canyon was such a bright idea, when the world is full of less ridiculous activities. You…well, this metaphor is running out of steam, so let’s drop kick it and move on.

Bejata | Hot, Safe Sex:

But in a world where Black and Latin communities bear the brunt of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, irresponsible imagery affects and impacts us all. “Raw” sex has been made to seem hotter, sexier, more erotic and desirable than protected, safer sex, making it harder for safe sex messages to penetrate the consciousness of impressionable minds.

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