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Something Old, Something New

We blog; therefore we are

by j. brotherlove

In one Absolutely Fabulous episode (specifically, the one titled “Magazine”), Edina comes home early in the morning, after a night of debauchery, and sets off the alarm. Saffron admonishes Edina (her mother) and asks why she did not call and let her know what she was doing. Edina flippantly replies:

“Because I was too busy doing it, dahling.”

That’s how I feel about SXSW. There’s a whole lot of everything going on all the time, day and night. It doesn’t leave a lot of room for chronicling (blogging); at least, not for me. I’ll probably be catching up with my experiences over the next week or so.

As you have read from Jason, Kevin, Liz and Dru (*waves*), the Blogging While Black panel was choice. I can’t expound on it any better than the rest except to add “Damn, where were you?”. There is an energy generated from that event that still lingers. More as the story develops.

Another beautiful thing was born out of the panel…

In addition to me chilling in the audience with EJ, Tim and Baratunde and watching my cool friends (all who are well-spoken) at work on the panel, George Kelly (or Negrophile), Lynne d Johnson, Jason Toney, Tiffany B Brown or (here) and Tony Pierce (I do believe that is the first time I’ve linked to Tony), got to meet a newer set of web buddies of color:

Jeffrey Bowman Entertainment, fashion and homegoods distributor.
Laina Dawes Canadian business writer on music and culture.
Keith Aric Hall Web standards, css and martial arts enthusiast.
Denise Jacobs Trainer and travel blogger.
Leslye James Video blogger (vlogger).
Victor Tolbert User Interface Engineer who blogs lite.

The snappy descriptions are mine and are no way intended to limit their interests or talents. Please visit these lovely people to discover their rich complexities and tell them I said hello.

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It was a wonderful meeting of like minds, and the fabulous beginnings of virtual-to-in-person community. I was happy to be a part of it, and I look forward to more in the future.

It was so cool to meet you, j! Thanks for visiting our glorious city.

Man, what did we tell you about that “well-spoken” mess?

Hehe… I thought you would get a kick out of that. New vistors would miss that joke.

Ahh, the cool people are on top of things as usual. Me and the bf might go next year…

Hey J;

It was an honour to meet you and please, please keep in touch. I’ll have to come visit you sometime - maybe we should arrange a ‘black blogger’ hookup in your city…..

Cheers, L.