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SXSW, No - SoCon And PodCamp, Yes

Free Atlanta conferences and True Gritz

by j. brotherlove

I’m mostly over the fact I am too broke to attend SXSW this year. Well, mostly. Thankfully, geekaholic Karsh has roped me into joining him at two Atlanta-area conferences. The first is SoCon 07 on February 10, 2007, a conference focused on social media in the South. The second, PodCamp Atlanta, March 16-18, 2007, covers everything about podcasting.

SoCon o7 PodCamp Atlanta

I’ve wanted to offer a podcast for awhile. But I haven’t been able to settle on a format. Between these two conferences, I should get some good ideas. Oh, and the best thing. They are both free! What? Yes, free.

Already, the attendees who have signed up have enlightened me on a couple of web goodies. One of my favorites is TrueGritz, a “Southern culture variety show”. The main draw at TrueGritz are the video episodes chronicling the antics of Sas Gordon-Walker and Pauline Ashley-Wilkes, belles with big wigs and affected Southern drawls.

True GritzIn Episode 10, TrueGritz Rallies to Outlaw Spray Butter, hosts Sas and Pauline “do” the North Georgia State Fair to unravel the mystery of SPAM, rap clogging and the Dixie Confederate Flag Thong (sold at the World of Redneck, no less).

Also, as the episode title suggests, the dynamic Dixie duo attempt to gain support for the banning of spray butter. In the words of Sas, “I’m in favor of fake boobs. But I am not in favor of fake butter.”

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I’m sorry I can’t come to SoCon! But 2.10 is my baby’s first birthday. I hope you’ll blog about it.

No SXSW for me either…

My jobs not paying this year…

I just got back from Spain…

and I’d like to take my two little ones on a cruise this summer…

so maybe next year….

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