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The Front Porch - Atlanta (Mini-Review) plus Smashing Boxes

Andre J shows you how

by j. brotherlove

You ever feel like you have too many things going on at the same time? Even when it’s good it can be overwhelming. Related to that, I have a blog post that I intended to publish this week but will have to wait pending some additional investigation on my part. Actually, I’m holding off because I’m too nice for my own good sometimes.

Last night’s first The Front Porch - Atlanta event was the Truth. The House of IntergiTEA is a fantastic space (props to Valarie and Yvonne). The crowd swelled as performances by Stephen M. Lee, Ken J. Martin, Love The Poet, Phoenix and originator Tim’m T. West jumped from the stage into our souls.

Performers at The Front Porch - Atlanta

Trust me when I say that everyone had their spirit touched by serious shit-stirring, soul-searching words that visited everything from love, poetry, religion, family, spirituality, success, commitment, weed (marijuana), sexuality, doubt, longing, molestation, strength, faith and analingus (look it up if you have to). All in one night.

At one point the topic of others who attempt to put you in boxes came up. I don’t know about you. But I smash boxes all the time. We are multi-dimensional beings as a rule. People that try to box us in are lazy, jealous or just plain, unhappy folk. Sucks to be them.

With the inspirational MLK Weekend upon us I thought we could use some video fierceness from un-boxed personality Andre J. on being all the wonderful things that you are.

Send Andre J a video response and tell him I sent you.

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I knew I was missing something good with the Tim’m West’s Front Porch. One of the too many books I own is about Atlanta during the 1920s. During the 20s, Atlanta possessed an Afro American community rich in culture and intellectualism. Simply, Atlanta had its own renaissance taking place. From this post, it looks like another renaissance is taking place. Black gay Atlanta has much to be proud of and boast about!

So when are you coming to put your stamp on it, bb?!

When my circumstances permit, I promise to burn Atlanta down upon my arrival!!!! Well, at lease the libraries, my natural habitat.

BTW, the Alonzo Herndon House is black gay Atlanta’s history being taken for granted by many gay brothers living in the city. Norris Herndon, son and heir of Alonzo, was gay and quietly accepted by his social circle.

Claim your (our) history!

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