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Twitter Is Still The App To Beat

Google has its work cut out

by j. brotherlove

Google’s purchase of Jaiku is big news causing great speculation as to Google’s plans. Whatever they decide will be interesting. Yet, despite “better” microblogging services like Jaiku and Pownce, many people are still sold on Twitter including, me.

It’s hard to believe I’m coming up on a year of using Twitter. It was a odd, geeky app at that time but has exploded, spawning many clones. Twitterbud Marshall Kilpatrick recently wrote a great post Twitter is Paying My Rent.

I admire how Marshall massages Twitter updates into Digg-able blog posts (although I hate Digg). In addition to the social aspect of the service - something many try to dismiss to no avail - Twitter is a great place to get breaking news stories, get and give advice, and discover cool music, places to eat, or strange websites (Halloween Tampon Projects, anyone?).

In short, it’s whatever you want. More importantly, it’s where my web friends play (we’ve mostly tried out and abandoned Jaiku and Pownce). However, if anyone can change the game, Google can.

While we wait for that, Twitter’s user base is becoming more diverse. Whatever your interest, chances are somebody has a twitter profile to accommodate you. For example, if you’re interested in black LGBT issues, consider adding blackgaymecca to your friend list.

Recent Twitter Alerts from blackgaymecca

  • Rene Hicks at Penn State for Coming Out Day: “Black people a hundred years ago were the gay people of today.” -
  •’s Ramone Johnson gay bashed in NYC; gay club Splash Bar NYC turns him out into the street -
  • SF/Castro: Halloween potluck/social, costume party & dance for Black Gay/SGL Men & Friends on 10/13 -
  • African American leaders launch major call to action to address issues of HIV/AIDS within black community -
  • [WCT] ironically, the Matthew Shepard rally highlights the need for unity within the Chicago LGBT community -
  • Karu Daniels gives the backstage skinny on Jenifer Lewis & the 17th Annual Divas Simply Singing Benefit -

Alternately, you can subscribe to the blackgaymecca Twitter feed although, I haven’t subscribed to anyone’s twitter feed. In fact, Twitter has caused my feed readership an IM usage to plummet. Who knew?

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y’all know how I feel about twitter.

It’s a game changer. A huge step forward and something about those other services gets lost in translation.

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