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UK Asylum Advice: Try Not To Act Gay

Plus gay Atlanta rocks; Falltacular a success

by j. brotherlove


There’s renewed debate over the implementation of UK’s asylum system. UK’s gay human rights groups have been using the system to help gay men and lesbians flee persecution from countries like Africa, Jamaica and the Middle East.

However, the number of stalemates are disconcerting. For example, 42 year-old Jamaican lesbian sought asylum after years of being beaten, raped and humiliated in her country. Her claim recently was blocked when the Home Office’s advised she return to Jamaica and "try harder not to act gay".

Count Our (Gay) Blessings

Atlanta Gay Pride by CharlesFred

photo via CharlesFred

I don’t know about you. But I am in denial about Thanksgiving. Sovo reminds us of 200 things to be thankful for in gay Atlanta. Among other things, the list counts 33 gay bars, 10 out elected officials, 8 local governments that offer domestic partner, 2 great Pride Festivals (plus 6 more big gay weekends/weeks), 3 groups for gay families with kids.

Falltacular Does It Again

Falltacular 2008

Congratulations to Shawn Joyner and all of the organizers, participants and entertainers of last weekend’s Falltacular - Fire In The Smokies. The successful event attracted hundreds of black LGBT guests for a weekend of friendship, fun in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains. Registration is open for next year’s festivities.

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I didn’t know that about the U.K. policy and the cases involving so many. “Don’t act gay!” I sort of wondering under what criteria is one granted asylum.

Atlanta! I’ve been wanting to visit since discovering it was the black gay Mecca.

And, Falltacular sounds spectacular!—sorry about that ;-) I like the idea of making friends and celebrating friendship.

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