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When I Knew I Was Gay

Cinemax airs personal stories

by j. brotherlove

When I Knew

One of the more popular questions asked of us in the LGBT community is when did we know we were “different” than our heterosexual counterparts. My lightbulb came on so long ago, I can’t remember exactly how young I was when it did.

In honor of Gay Pride, Cinemax is premiering the documentary, When I Knew, inspired by Robert Trachtenberg’s book of the same name, on Wednesday June 25 at 7:30pm. Directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato asked more than 150 people in five cities “When did you know?” The resulting film spotlights 16 of the interviewees of various ages, genders and lifestyles.

Expect to laugh and maybe tear up as stories of fear, confusion and other emotions either remind you of your own life or someone you know. Bailey and Barbato began the film sharing their own story before passing the torch.

You can view more personal stories taped in Cinemax Reel Life video booths at film festivals across the country as well as share your own.

On, Eric Deggans replicated the idea locally and posted a sampling of the reactions.

Ricc Rollins, pastor of Tampa’s Breath of Life Fellowship Church and author is one of the people Deggans asked. Rollins lists Liberace, Paul Lynde, Charles Nelson Reilly and Little Richard as people who “fascinated” him when he was young.

… It was almost like seeing black people on TV in the ’60s, where you’d (call your friends) and say, ‘Look, there’s a colored person on.’

When did you know?

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Very much looking forward to this. A terrific idea, showcasing diverse gays and lesbians as they discuss on camera when they first acknowledged to themselves that they were gay. Rich subject, indeed.

As usual, I hate when I’m late in reading about it. Good thing it comes on again. Good lookin’ out.

This looks quite cool. It is something I stop and think about, I think other people knew what I was before I did. Not because I flamboyant, I just think I put out a different energy. I was always aware of myself, even when I wasn’t sure what I was aware of.-QH

I soooo need premium-channel cable. I gave it up years ago because I figured TV was overrun with capitalist crap. Now, oddly enough, all of the “better” (read “thought-provoking”) programming is on premium channels. Regular cable overflows with shitty reality TV shows.

Hmmm …

Good thing I signed up for Netflix again. I’ll try to remember to add this to my queue the next time I log in.