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Where I’ve Been

Online but not posting

by j. brotherlove

I’ve had an interesting week. Unfortunately, I can’t share most of it. I also have a couple of posts in draft but I’m not inspired to finish them any time soon. How about some links instead?

I’m finally caught up on all of my RSS feeds and bookmarks (*whew*). Now all I have to do is clean up my list. In the meantime, these are the last items that caught my eye online.

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What are you using as your RSS feed reader? Since I started using NetNewsWire, I get through my feeds 10 times faster than when I was using Safari’s seriously inadaquate interface. Of course, though, when I go a day or two without reading them, they do pile up, even in NetWire.

Thanks for the Freakonomics link. I’ve been meaning to check out the book. Their research on test scores looks interesting.

I tried a desktop client when RSS first became standard. But I use up to three different machines and found that solution difficult to coordinate.

I switched to Bloglines and haven’t tried another solution. I’m open if someone can tell me the advantages.

NetNewsWire says they have a way to sync between two or more copies of its application. I currently work on one computer so i don’t know how good the sync is.

seems like netnewswire and bloglines function pretty much the same way. the latter, though, of course is web based so it can be little slower than reading offline.

all i know is that i get through my feeds so much fast through netnewswire. now i’m looking to find a better and faster method of blog posting. i’m looking into marsedit for that, but it seems to have some limitations.

anyway, ‘nuf said. like the post you’re making.