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Who are your favorite artists? While conducting my daily, online blog reading, I realized that none of my regular sites mention fine art; classical or…

by j. brotherlove

Who are your favorite artists?

While conducting my daily, online blog reading, I realized that none of my regular sites mention fine art; classical or contemporary. There’s plenty of pop culture references, of course - (am I the only person who doesn’t care about American Idol?) - but, where is the art? So, it got me to thinking (I love that phrase):

In these troubled times, is art dead? [ROTMFLMBAO! I couldn’t resist, Jason]

Seriously. What are your artistic tastes? Have you purchased any art (I’m not speaking of mass-produced flower prints from Wal-Mart). If so, what is your criteria? Or, the bigger question, do you even care?

I’ve written about my interest in contemporary/pop art. Naturally, contemporary African-American art gets my attention (and brunt of my rage), but I am open to any artist who is stimulating, incorporates a message or somehow resonates with me. Being a word whore, any artist who utilizes text has an advantage with me, as well.

But, enough about me. To get the conversation rolling (hopefully), here are 10 of my favorites artists:

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OK I love art. I can’t draw for nathin - only stick figures. But I do love art. I like Marcel Duchamp and Dali as well. My other faves are Tamara de Lempicka, Frida Kahlo, and Georgia O’Keefe. I haven’t been to an art museum in a grip. *sigh*

I dig Georgia O’Keefe too.

But I’m sad to say I’m not an art afficianado

I’ve been such a techno-geek for so long, I’m just barely able to tell pigs from swine. Michaelangelo, Picasso, and Warhol stand out to me. Warhol has always been one of my faves.

um, speak for yourself. i’ve mentioned art and artists on my site from the very beginning. i must not be one of your regulars :-(

anyway and seriously, my favorites are henri mattisse, picasso, goya, all the wyeths, richard serra, mark rothko, magritte, helen frankenthaler… the two times i’ve cried seeing art were at a frankenthaler retrospective during the march on washington and at the mattisse exhibit at the High.

did you catch Jacob Lawrence at the High? it’s still there. amazing, amazing storyteller and colorist.

5. wood

Henri Matise and Van gogh are my favorites. Followed by Marc Chagall, Paul Cezanne, Salvador Dali, and Jacob Lawrence. I like Frida Kahlo’s work too. ( I hate to admit the only reason I checked out her work was Madonna mentioned her before.)

Great ones, Anitra! Kahlo’s work is fantastic (that reminds me, I need to find a particular print of hers that I love). Tamara de Lempicka work is sexy - so, of course I dig her. Georgia O’Keefe is a good one, too, Jason.

EJ - So, is your work is your art?

John, do you really want to be “regular”? *grin* I’ve only been reading your site for a about month. So, I’ve missed all of those art goodies you posted (BTW, how do I get to your archives?) Your favorites are splendiferous! Based on the artists in your list that I know, I’ll have to check out the others. Oh - I’m catching the Lawrence exhibit with Ex Lover, tomorrow.

Wood - You already know we have similar tastes in art. Now, get some for those naked walls! Don’t trip on the Madonna thing; it doesn’t matter how you get exposed to new things. And Madonna, for all of the flack she gets, is great at bringing things to public attention (remember vogueging? I kid). Anyway, I think it’s pretty cool when celebrities introduce me to something worthwhile. In fact, one of the reasons I got turned onto Joni Mitchell is because of Prince and my traveling buddy, Klay (who is in Atlanta, now, reportedly).

if only you had propositioned me a month ago!!!

you can get to the archives, by, um, clicking on the “archives” link on the right side nav bar of my site.

have a great weekend!

I swear I tried that before and the archives link didn’t work. *tucking blonde strand under cap*

what a GREAT topic/post. the coolest thing about working at the wexner center was learning about contemporary art, architecture, film, and performance. the lorna simpson show there was one of my favorites, so she makes my list too, as do jenny holzer and barbara krueger. i like varnette honeywood and faith ringgold, and jacob lawrence. and and i’ve always loved georgia o’keefe and matisse…and warhol. and i would have loved to see what basquiat would have been doing today if he were alive.

nope. you’re not the only one who could give a damn about American Idol.

favorite canvass artists:

aaron douglas
barbara kruger
amedeo modigliani
wayne thiebaud
jacob lawrence
william h johnon
deron of manbitesart

I’m not very artsy, more designer-knowledgeable, but I do like Picasso, Warhol, the impressionists, the Italian masters and some more modern realism. There’s a jacksonm Pollock at the local art museum that is neat. I’m not too big on still life or flower prints. :) I’d love to expose my kids to more.

Recently, while on vacation, I went into the Museum of Northern Arizona (Flagstaff) to, I thought, kill some time. Apparently, the Universe had conspired to get my butt in that building because I really needed to get to know Paladin. The exhibits up through October 2002. Stylistically, the guy’s all over the map, but always has a certain electric energy going on. Here’s a link:

(Also into other mid-century abstractionists these days. I’ve gotten amazingly impatient with realism, maybe because they’re so often lies dressed up to look like Faux Reality.)

13. lekimo!!!

yo i get str8 A’s in art and i luv it.i like henri matisse, hes gr8!!!!!!!