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Atlanta Black Pride 2007

Previewing the weekend

by j. brotherlove

The silence on this spot can be attributed this upcoming Labor Day weekend which is synonymous with Atlanta Black Gay Pride 2007. I’ve been scrambling to complete last minute projects for clients participating in this year’s pride events.

Over the past several years, Atlanta Black Gay Pride has grown into the world’s largest African American LGBT Pride Celebration in the world. Not only is it a time to see some old friends, the event also is a great financial boost to the Metro Atlanta area. And boy does my calendar feel it. Take a glimpse at Saturday afternoon:

Pride Schedule 07

This year’s Pride schedule is insane. There are more events than ever including additional day activities hosted by club promoters and activist organizations.

Registration begins today with a few events tonight and Thursday. The Opening Ceremony jumps off on Friday with Sule Adams Dance Troup, Yahzarah, Feloni, and Gordon Chambers among others.

ITLA teamed up with Montreux Jazz Festival to offer night events to supplement traditional club offerings. For serious house heads there’s the House Vibes Dance Party with legendary DJ Ron Pullman, DJ Yusef and live performances by Ira Levi, Kevin Bryant and Niki Harris. Also, Ledisi will be performing Saturday night, along with other music guests that I promised not to mention.

One big difference between most Black Prides and main (some say "white") LGBT Pride events is the amount of non-party options. Past favorites Family Feud and the always entertaining Living In Your Pride Fashion Show returns, as does the film festival, Literary Cafe, Poetry Slam and naughty SpeakFire!

This year’s two day Workshop Series include building credit/finance, Black BDSM culture, religion/spirituality, artistic expression, personal health, adoption,
communication techniques, sexuality, politics and an entire tract for transgender issues.

Okay, I’m tired and there’s so much I didn’t mention. Last year I wrote some tips on how to handle the weekend. Those are still solid. If you’re a visiting blogger (or Atlanta blogger for that matter) hit me up if you want to do the face-to-face thing.

See you on the other side.

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Your words are killing me. KILLING ME! I want to be there so much—meet you (maybe flirt with the handsome you a bit) and just surrounded myself with all those black and brown bodies like me.

I’m getting tired of reading about this event. And, I kinda like that most Black Pride events avoid being a cookie cutout in offerings similiar to those “other” pride events—by offering affirmations and reaffirmations of being more than just a sexual appendage, second class, and a victim of prejudice within and without the larger gay community. We interpret and define ourselves and our diverse concerns, humanity and accomplishments.

lol @ bb!

There really is something for everyone at Atlanta Black Gay Pride whether you’re male, female, transgender, gym-bodied or large-bodied.

Any time you want to mosey on down to Hotlanta you’re more than welcome. You may want to do a practice run before attending Pride, however. People have been known to lose their minds.

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