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Four My Loverboy

Ours may not be a storybook romance

by j. brotherlove

On that fateful evening, there were just a few of us gathered to bring in a new year. You arrived with a friend of a friend. We were introduced and found each other attractive. But it was not love at first sight. You, a narrow-minded, church boy? Me, a bitter, smart ass?

We were both right. And wrong.

Seven months later we endured and overcame criticism to become inseparable until we separated — briefly. And then full on again — except for another break. And yet, it doesn’t feel like we’ve ever been apart longer than a day or two. We haven’t been able to get let each other go; riding the waves of acceptance and forgiveness. Learning from our mistakes along the way and forging stronger unions with each rebirth.

And what about first impressions?

You, narrow-minded? Perhaps at first. Now you are one of the most adaptable and diverse people I know. Church boy? Yes. But your unshakable faith is an admirable pillar of strength. Me, bitter? Perhaps at first. But you discovered it was only a smoke screen to protect my fragile ego. Smart ass? Yes. But you like that about me.

Ours may not be a storybook romance but it is magical like Disney, persistent like Krazy Glue and deep like… well, you know. It is our treasure and the reason why, four years later, we are still loving each other. Who knew? I love you, baby.

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