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Ratifying Revelations

I felt disjointed last week but this past weekend was pretty eventful, yes? The world continues to change (hopefully for the better but who really…

by j. brotherlove

I felt disjointed last week but this past weekend was pretty eventful, yes? The world continues to change (hopefully for the better but who really knows) and I am growing more confident and purposeful in realizing my destiny. I spent a lot of time alone; cleaning, reading, writing, loving and basking in the glow of these ratifying revelations:

JT is so cool it hurts

“I’m not a runner. I don’t jog. I’ve never even really enjoyed the activity but I’m doing this. Why? Because the only reason the shows I work for have any cultural merit is because a young man died from AIDS complications but spent much of his last year with our cameras in his face. I’m doing this because Magic Johnson is living with the disease and not only living with it but thriving. I’m doing this because I know people living with the disease that aren’t thriving. They are struggling. I don’t want them to struggle anymore than they have to.”

[ps: read about the start of the race, the halfway mark and how Jason finishes!]

It’s like finding cubic zirconia in a big pile of shit

“I believe the capture of Saddam Hussein is helpful and it’s a great moment, but it’s a moment.”

Living in the present is the key

Without question, many of us have mastered the neurotic art of spending much of our lives worrying about a variety of things—all at once. We allow past problems and future concerns to dominate our present moments, so much so that we end up anxious, frustrated, depressed, and hopeless.

Comparing HBO Angels to the play is the wrong approach

“Ultimately, though, the real problem is that Angels is and remains a play, not a movie. It is deliberately, powerfully anachronistic in its approach to narrative, updating-one wants to say outing-the mid-century work of Williams and Albee. Though Nichols labors doggedly at filling in the spaces even the most lavish theatrical productions leave blank, his sets come across as cluttered, unnuanced, unnecessary…”

A gay man in a long-term relationships is not an oxymoron

“Some would say it is understandable for the straight community not to realize how many same-sex couples there are, but it is more surprising how many people in the gay community donít realize the large number of long-term relationships.”

I am becoming more of a Synergist

If you want to help make a world that works for all humanity, you must know this secret. It is the secret of making wholes - the secret of oneness. You must live from the point of view of the whole. You must identify with the whole. If you take care of the whole, the whole will take care of you.

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That Angels comparison just irritates me. “The wrong approach” my ass.

Outsmart Magazine looks to be pretty promising itself. I like what it represents. Keep bouncing.

2. Bballmom

I am so guilty of worrying about tomorrow and what happened yesterday, I don’t get to enjoy today. I’ll have to check out the link you’ve provided.


64? Try 84! I wanted to cheer the gentlemen in Andrea Elliott’s New York Times article “After 6 Quiet Decades as ‘Friends’ and Partners, Gus and Elmer Eloped”

EJ: Loverboy and I were glued to the television during each 3-hour presentation of Angels. That was some good shit.

Bballmom: Welcome!

George: Hot dayum! Thanks for the link. How special is that?