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Looking For A New Love

Now I’m gonna find somebody new

by j. brotherlove

jodywatley.jpgRemember when I used to post love songs (that would be songs with the word “love” in the title, for the uninitated) on Wednesdays?

As I patiently await Jody Watley’s new project The Makeover, I thought it would be fun to revisit her beginnings. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m not going to dwell on her days dancing on Soul Train. And while Jody was “cute” when she was with Shalamar, she didn’t become hot until she went solo.

That’s when I fell in love with her. First single, “Looking For A New Love”, was an anthem for women and gay men all over. There was something about the way Jody’s delicate vocals rode the seductive beat that made the lyrics “Other guys will have me they’ll appreciate my love” sound um, empowering (even during the dawn of the AIDS era). And then there’s the corny reference from The Terminator, “Hasta la vista… Baby.” It was the 80s; corny was cool. Everyone I knew bought her solo CD and we all had our favorite song (mine was “Still A Thrill”).

The video was especially fun to watch - mostly footage of Watley in club/boho gear and trademark hoop earrings dancing in a warehouse. Over the years, she has had quite a few hits but has lost popularity overall (damned that cursed Grammy for Best New Artist). Her last CD, Midnight Lounge, a flawless collection of downtempo club vibes, deservedly garnered some attention and put her back on the radar. Hopefully, renewed interest in her career hasn’t gone to her head.

Back to 1987:

Gave you love
You did me wrong
Didn’t know what to do
But baby I’m strong
I’ll get over you
A new boy I’m gonna choose

My love was true
You threw it all away
Other guys will have me
They’ll appreciate my love
How does it feel

You know that I needed you
You know that you meant the world to me
You know I had to have you
Now I’m gonna find somebody new

- “Looking For A New Love”
Jody Watley
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And remember the voguer in the “Still A Thrill” video? Way before Maderna took credit for it and turned it into a contrived “dance craze” removing it from its history and context. The Extravaganza’s “Elements of Vogue” was a much better song and much more relevant to the phenomenon…

…what were we talking about…?

No you di’nt take me back like that! What a flashback. Willie Ninja captivated me in that “Elements of Vogue” video. In fact, the entire club would stop to watch it.

As for Madonna, I can’t be mad at her. I don’t believe she even tried to take credit for vogeuing. She saw an art form (and yes, vogueing is an art form), and brought it to the masses. A lof of poor, black gay folk made money as a result of her “Vogue” hit. To this day, the vogue and ball scenes continue to thrive.

Ooooooh, 1987! I was 15 and Jody was my girl! yes I had her tape and wore the big hoop earrings. and that’s when I started wearing heavy eyebrow makeup, trying to copy her look. It’s since gone horribly, horribly wrong but though I am updating my makeup style I will love heavy brows 4ever because of JODY

hasta la vista, baby

Damn, Trula… I forgot about Jody’s big ass eyebrows. And I thought that was sexy!

“Are you looking for a new love/
Or does commitment seem to bring you down/
Is that a look of yes or is it no/
Please dont tease me, oh…oh…”

-from “Don’t You Want Me” (my fave track off her debut collection)

Jody was too hot for words! Glad to hear a new project is coming. Midnight Lounge was amazing.

J., it’s good to see you posting more frequently.

6. Cecily

“Still A Thrill” has a permanent place on my iPod playlist.