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Stomp The Yard And Black Gay Men

Who needs Dreamgirls?

by j. brotherlove

Stomp The Yard poster

I never had the desire to attend a historically black college. And, try as they might, movies link School Daze haven’t convinced me otherwise; especially since I live 15 minutes away from Spelman, Morehouse and Clark Atlanta University. Nevertheless, I enjoyed Stomp The Yard (which debuted at number one) if only for the dancing and eye candy.

Sure it’s meant to be an inspirational story about a young black man’s triumph yadda, yadda, yadda… But how am I supposed to pay attention to that when Columbus Short, Darrin Henson, Brian White, Laz Alonso and Harry Lennix are vying for my attention? I have to echo Jonathon’s sentiment:

My goal in this is not to be shallow, but Columbus Short, the he star, made it virtually impossible when he came rollin out on a riding lawnmower with no shirt on all drippin wet and with just a rice patty hat.

Amen! Columbus is sexy and smart with a great smile. It doesn’t hurt that he’s thick in the trunk, too. I have since downloaded half the season of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip to see more of him.

Lest you think only black gay men see gay undertones in Stomp The Yard, Afrogeek offers a hilarious indictment of the film in Undercover Stomping:

OK so Ive been around Gay black males most of my entire life. In fact, as there are so few out black gay men around me now, I can truly say I feel the lack. Maybe that was my impetus to see what has to be the GAYEST movie ever. Of course, Im talking about Stomp the yard.

Since very few black movies depict positive gay characters, we live for the undertones. However, tons of black gay men attend HBCUs (and even pledge fraternities); I’d like their story be told for a change. Besides, I know quite a few people involved with Stomp are gay in real life. I suspect that was a touchy subject on set, however. In Columbus Short’s interview at, he recalls his reluctance to call Darrin Henson a faggot:

The director said cut and he said, “Columbus, come over here; I’m not getting what I need from Darren. I want you to call him a fa**ot. That’s something a fa**ot would say” or something like that. And I was like, “I can’t do that Sylvain.” And he was like, “Do it.” So I did it, and Darrin’s reaction; I think they cut it out of the movie, but his reaction was me saying that, that’s in the film.

Hmm. File that under “Read Between The Lines 101”. I can only think of one good reason why the director felt Henson would get upset if he was called a faggot (after all, it’s used liberally in hip hop). It’s also interesting (telling?) that Short hesitated using the word with Henson. Draw your own conclusions.

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i trust you and your opinion. i WILL see this movie. you give back without the hypocrisy. and, you have definitely helped me with your words. sorry for coming across overly sentimental. maybe it is because i am holding the little old lady in my arms right now as she sleeps. yeah, i know. i am spoiling her. at lease i have discovered i can type with one finger.

2. Elle

Eye candy, indeed!

man the move was soo good, i did not know whether to clap or clean up after it was over. i know those women sitting next to me knew something was up…when i started squirming in my seat…lol. She looked at me and said he is bougie AND gay…i looked at her and said “i’m not bougie!” :o)

4. Jaw_Breaker

man them dudes ain’t gay man i don’t think they are gay