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Tyra Takes On Naomi

I watch, so you don’t have to

by j. brotherlove

I’ve been seriously considering removing The Tyra Banks Show from my TIVO’s Season Pass. Tyra’s still guilty of much of the problems I indicated during her first week. And more often, her episodes hold less value for me overall. Of course, her target audience is young women so why should her show relate to me? Okay, don’t answer that.

Just when I’m about to hit the “delete” key, Tyra offers an episode to tweak my interest. Today’s gem: a one-on-one with supermodel Naomi Campbell. Say what?

Updated with an audio clip.

tyra_shot.jpgTyra is as close to a flaming sissy as a woman can get. As such, she creates as much drama as possible (more than necessary, of course) around every aspect of her show. Today’s hook: no in-studio audience (“It has to be me and just Naomi alone.”)

And so we’re off on an oddly public therapy session for Tyra. First impression: Damn! Naomi still looks good (no hetero); better than ever actually, now that she’s an ancient 35. You’d think Tyra would have turned it out given her sexy guest. But Ms. Banks was dressed in a frumpy, strappy dress that accentuated her soft arms and size 40-ish hips. Her weave was a mass of crazy (not unusual) and her eyebrows seemed untamed. Bad form Tyra!

Tyra began by praising Naomi’s rise to model domination and then quickly rattled off a myriad of negative experiences she had with Naomi and the press creating a “living hell”. Suppsoedly, Tyra was “sent home” from shoots because Naomi didn’t want her there. The stress over Naomi eventually contributed to Tyra’s “conscious decision” to leave fashion modeling and almost made her give up modeling altogether (she downplayed that her modeling agency was pressuring her to lose weight).

See what I mean? Drama.

naomi-shot.jpgTyra tried desperately to get some ownership from Naomi. However, Naomi’s icy confessions consisted mostly of: “I don’t remember.” “It’s now that matters to me.” “I did?” “Do you have proof…?” Girlfriend, no wonder you have the rep of being a stone cold bitch. Naomi’s winning quote has to be this gem of a fragmented run-on:

“I said that? I can’t think… that’s something… I’m not that… I’m very much in the… Yeah, I’m very much… I know the person that I am. And I’m not someone to go and give myself away and say that to anybody. I’ve never said that in my life.” That’s a full quote. Homegirl needs a good dose of Schoolhouse Rock.

Finally (after the audience was brought in), Naomi apologized for “however [she] affected” Tyra and declared: “I’m very proud of you for being a powerful black woman sitting here and doing what you’re doing and please continue.” This, of course, brought on heavy applause and tears for Tyra (which is really easy to do, btw).

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll hold off a few weeks before giving The Tyra Banks Show the boot. Besides, next week she showcases her retirement from modeling. Celebrity guests and her momma will be on (again). Tears aplenty, I assure you.

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