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And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

Best practices guidelines of sorts

by j. brotherlove

Looking to get the biggest bang out of your visit? Curious about thebrotherlove’s intentions? Not sure what is all about? Maybe this will help. Or not.

  • I know some of you have journalogue bookmarked and that’s cool if you only want to read posts like Heading In The Right Direction. But since this site is divided into four sections, if that’s the only page you check, you are missing the other three components that make up my online psyche. And that’s a tragedy. Trust. Consider bookmarking my about page instead or subscribing to the RSS feed.
  • Speaking of the other three components, I have finally posted an excerpt in xpressions from a story rumbling around in my head titled A Parable Named Easter Jones. I figured it’d been dormant over at expressions for too long. Let me know what you think.
  • I’ve been skipping lovesong posts at mediumrare for a couple of weeks. It takes a considerable amount of emotional juice to choose and write about those songs and I’m not getting a good enough return on that effort. And these dyas, it’s all about getting a return on my emotional investments. Maybe I’ll feel better about it this Wednesday. We’ll see.
  • Some of the things I write are meant for all to read and understand. Other entries are directed at individuals (maybe even you), and still there are things I write for me (yes, I write for myself in a public forum - get over it). So if you don’t understand a post most likely it wasn’t meant for you. Or was it?

I swear there were a couple of more points I wanted to make but uh… another time maybe.

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Your RSS feed is working by the way it should; no chinks in the armour. I’m sure the Blogliners would agree with me. We don’t miss anything.

And yes, ‘Parable’ was excellent…I’d like to see more of that. I’m sure DNR would agree. And as quiet as you keep it, brotherlounge vol. i. is very good also.