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Sputter, sputter. Putt, putt.

by j. brotherlove

outofgas.jpgUm, yeah… It seems I’ve lost my drive. What’s worse, I’m not entirely sure how that happened or even how to get it back. Lately, days run into each other and a week is over before I know it. The need to refuel and get things into gear is easier said typed than done. Besides, have you seen the price of gas, lately?

I haven’t made a lot of progress on the entrepreneurial tip. On the other hand, I’m not aggressively pursuing a job with The Man, either. I received a couple of conventional job leads over the weekend. I’ll contact them but really, my heart isn’t in it. However, considering I don’t play the lottery, a plan needs to be put into action.

The plan is to finish a post on Sheila Pree Bright (who recently won the 2006 Santa Fe Prize for Photography for her “Suburbia” project), draft a logo for a friend/client, respond to a rambling comment left on my blog, return some dusty emails (ain’t forgot about’cha, Jimi), and create a functional resume for webwork. But really, at this point, I can’t guarantee any of that will get done today. So far, today belongs to 500mg naproxen.

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