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No Rebooty

It’s all on TV

by j. brotherlove

I thought my preoccupation with ass was a bad thing. However, the booty was today’s topics on both Oprah (“Does My Butt Look Big?”) and Tyra (“All About the Booty”). I’m thinking that’s too much booty talk for daytime television. Somebody needs to do a better job of coordinating schedules.


When I mentioned CSS Reboot, I really mean for that to be an indication of a redesign popping off at any time soon. In fact, it didn’t kick in until last week, when I began reading the prgress of other webloggers/designers, that expectations are high this time around (amongst the designer community, anyway).

Needless to say, I’m not particpicating; and not just for the aforementioned reasons. However, I’m anxious to see the results from ths year’s participants. I’m curious about how much (if any) of the recent Web 2.0 hoopla will crossover into the results (media). I’m also looking for some layout solutions that have plagued my own redesign.

TGIF. There is a light…

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