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Feloni’s Coming Out Story on Logo

Lesbian hip hop artist profiled

by j. brotherlove

Feloni on Logo

With Gay Pride season upon us, there’s bound to be an increase of people coming out of the closet (voluntarily or otherwise). Be sure to check out Coming Out Stories on Logo. One story, “Hip Hop and Ready to Drop (Trish),” spotlights lesbian hip hop artist, Feloni.

Like many in the LGBT community, Feloni hasn’t had much of a problem coming out to people around her; with the exception of her family. Unlike most of us, Feloni doesn’t shy away from writing and performing explicit songs about her sexuality. Having such a public persona makes it difficult to stay closeted. Prior to the release of her debut album, she decides to come out to her family. Logo’s cameras capture the moment.

Check the schedule for future airings. Or you can watch many of the Coming Out Stories online including, Feloni’s episode.

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