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Is Fox News Racist?

Or do Black people look alike?

by j. brotherlove

The great thing about the continued explosion of blogging and social media, is that American citizens have more access and opportunity to debate all types of issues instead of relying solely on what mainstream media (MSM) defines as “real news”. Even Rupert Murdoch admits MSM has less sway on Internet.

This is a great thing considering the brand of “fair and balanced” reporting practiced by Murdoch’s Fox News outfit. The cable network’s right-wing political favorings have been heavily debated for years; giving birth to the 2004 documentary Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism.

It’s of little surprise to me that Fox News has a cavalier approach to covering African American issues. You’d think after the video compilation video showing Fox News’ track record in depicting African Americans, they’d try a little harder.

However, Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo posted this video yesterday showing how Fox News (still) has trouble discerning the difference between black politicians:

This isn’t the first time Fox News has mixed up African American leaders. In October of 2006, Media Matters busted Fox rolling footage of Rep. Harold Ford Jr. although the news item was about Sen. Barack Obama.

Even if Rep. William Jefferson and Congressman John Conyers were identical, Siamese twins, a reputable news show has additional responsibility to show correct video footage. Are these just simple mistakes or does Fox News simply not care enough about black politicians to naturally tell them apart? At the very least should verify their footage before running it.

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1. nova

Dig it.

Well, folks need to stay on MSM’s case as we/they’ve been doing with them on their presenting Israeli-Palestinian issues in skewed ways. Start the campaign now and spread your truth relentlessly. Those who control the messages have no interest in changing their brand without significant “help.”

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