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Links: Random Gay Edition

As opposed to non-random

by j. brotherlove

Desperate Housewives new gay couple

I’ve never watched Desperate Housewives but it was hard to avoid the rumors that the new gay couple coming to Wisteria Lane would be David Beckham and Robbie Williams. I admit, watching those guys get it on would be hot. But I knew that would be ludicrous to expect. The real actors portraying the gay couple have been revealed as Tuc Watkins and Kevin Rahm. Attractive to be sure, but they won’t be getting me to turn into the show.

Visible Vote 08

People are still dissecting Logo’s Visible Vote 08. Andrew Sullivan’s take on The Gay Debate:

My own sense, however, is that we haven’t moved the Democrats much in many years. They need and want gay money, so they will talk to us. But none of the leading candidates supports our civil equality in marriage, the Ground Zero of the movement. And, more frustrating, none will say why. If you’re for civil unions but not civil marriage, you need an argument.

Donnie & Jonathan Plummer Interview

I sort of dropped the ball on listening to the interview with Donnie and Jonathan Plummer on WFRG last night. I only caught the last 20 minutes. However, in those minutes, one of the interviewers asked the pair if they had a fear of coming out as gay men. Plummer admitted he has a fear of returning home to (dangerously homophobic) Jamaica. Donnie reply: “Only a fear of losing my mind if I didn’t”. Love that Donnie. If you have a recording of the entire interview, please let me know.

Gay, Lesbian Consumers Want Commitment | National News

Some 88 percent of gay men and 91 percent of lesbians claim that a brand’s sponsorship or support of LGBT events favorably influences their buying decisions, according to a study released today from Community Marketing, San Francisco. The study also found that 89 percent of gay men and 91 percent of lesbians said that the way a company treats its gay and lesbian employees is also a crucial deciding factor in purchasing decisions and their future business with a brand.

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1. Jeff

j, never heard of Robbie Williams until this site and only heard about Beckham after he made a touch down, or whatever it is they do in soccer this week! And, Desperate Houseiwves, never saw it, but, I’m not a tv person, so, I’ll never know anything about shows! but, a gay plot would be great, as long as they are like real men, not made up fake looking dudes!

Plummer, just a simple when’s his 15 minutes of fame for doing nothing up :)?

Gay marriage, the Logo debate spent way too much time on an issue that not one can fix if elected, I would have rather had them talk about laws about hate crimes and more funding for those living with HIV and prevention.

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