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Never Say Never

A list of unlikely events

by j. brotherlove

Weather or Not
Spring will be here soon, right? I mean with this crazy weather we’re having in Atlanta, it certainly feels like it. Today I didn’t even wear a jacket to work. In January! My mother would kill me. But I got tired of lugging it around only to end up carrying it.

If that wasn’t strange enough…

Mac Attack
Finally after all of these years, a Mac may be in my future. As a freelance designer, it’s a shame I don’t have one. Like Naz, the obstacle has been mostly financial; they cost too damn much and I own a lot of software I’d have to re-purchase. This new creature may be the answer I need. It’s highly unlikely I’d actually “switch” to Mac but I’d like to be more familiar with it.

School ‘Em
Amazing how you can make time to do things when you feel there is no room in your schedule. I’m halfway through my first week of classes. I’m patting myself on the back for resurrecting The Plan. However, working full time and going to school is no picnic - I’m exhausted! Time to increase the vitamin intake and get more sleep.

Despite being a diehard fan of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (site having some issues), I’ve allowed his birthday/holiday creep up on my without any plans. I’m sure they’ll be a plethora of films, parties, discussions, rallies and sex parties to choose from in Atlanta. Then again, I may just stay in and sleep, for once.

Fatal Attraction
Don’t you hate when you’re attracted to a jerk? Today, my arch-nemesis (I’m a superhero, in case you didn’t know) stopped by work on his off day (another reason to dislike him). He wore a sweatshirt and jeans. As he left, I couldn’t help but check out his caboose and before I could stop myself, thought “Damn, that’s a nice little ass, right thurr.” Ugh. I hope he doesn’t turn up in my dreams.

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1. Michelle

It’s 65 degrees here, I’m in a t-shirt and I want the Mac Mini. So yeah you and I are right on the same page.

Supposed to reach 60 here in NYC for Thursday. Yeah, work and school together is a test of endurance and will. Take good notes, cuz sometimes you don’t get around to reading because of fatigue.

And they have MLK sex parties? Only in Atlanta! Gives new meaning to the phrase, “We shall overcome.”

3. Kathleen

Next person to brag on how warm it is dies! Sure it’s mild for January in Toronto but it’s still far from the half naked weather I love oh so much (note to self: look into ATL or somewhere warm for Feb’s week off)

Congrats on your return to classes, I’ve yet to get back into the swing of things since xmas break…I’ve only gone to 2 classes and will be going to one tonight..God help me.

As far as the whole being attracted to a jerk thing, a friend and I were discussing something similar yesterday. Ever notice that the ex you hate most is usually the one you think about screwing most often? They’re always the ones who did it best…grr.

Have a great week j. and everyone else :)

Bernie, there’s a sex party for just about every day of the week in Atlanta, for those into that sort of thing. Why should MLK be any different?

For the record, The Activists are up in arms over the plethora of flyers and such, advertising these kinds of parties over the MLK weekend. For naught, of course. But it makes for good entertainment.

Between the weather here & on the west coast, I’m sure the world’s about to end…70 degrees in January has got to be a sign of the endtimes.

So you’re blazing the candle at both ends, eh? Good luck, and I most definitely feel your pain…(yeah, I’m back in school, too…)