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B12: Brother to Brother Edition

The weekend equals twelve plus one

by j. brotherlove

This weekend revolved around reflection and preparation. The highlight of my weekend was going to see Brother to Brother. I saw the film last year and I’m proud to say it stands up to repeated viewing. The film and its writer/director, Rodney Evans, are making the rounds to select cities before its June DVD release. I recommend you catch it at a movie house if you can.

Here’s a list of twelve people who helped make the experience a memorable one (presented Buccho-style, of course):

Brother to Brother poster

  1. Anthony Mackie; for delivering a believable and touching performance of a young black, gay man coming into his sexuality and personality. Also, because he is my new baby’s daddy. Have you seen the Gap ads with Sarah Jessica Parker?
  2. Aunjanue Ellis; because her understated portrayal of Nora Zeale Hurston is endearing and makes me want to see her in more demanding and dramatic roles.
  3. Craig Washington; because this Atlanta activist stood up during the Q&A and expressed concerns regarding the lack of black on black sexual relations in today’s media and in this film.
  4. Daniel Sunjata; for making Langston Hughes seem as driven and sexy (or asexy, depending on how you look at it) as I’d like to believe he was.
  5. Duncan Teague; because birthday boy’s unique combination of wit, intellect and attitude is best served over a bottle of Chardonnay in a Thai restaurant.
  6. KC Masterpiece; because lately, he’s everywhere!
  7. Kevin Bynes; because I needed to put a face to the name of this young activist.
  8. Larry Gilliard because his role as Perry’s (straight) best friend Marcus is a dynamic I’d like to see more on film and television.
  9. Rodney Evans; because this writer/director spent six years to bring his passion to the screen and also for informing the audience that Bruce Nugent, Wally Thurmond and company were known to be attracted to white men (when there was speculation that he made it up).
  10. Roger Robinson; for his excellent performance of “legendary” Bruce Nugent which effectively conveys a unique mix of humor, pathos, wisdom and longing unique to older, black homosexuals.
  11. Malik because he is always so gracious and elusive (he also posted his reactions to the film).
  12. Wood; because his standup routine was good enough to keep us shivering in the Landmark Theatre parking lot for 90 minutes.
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I’ve seen Anthony Mackie working out at my gym. And I saw Daniel Sunjata in the Broadway play “Take Me Out” where you got to see…well…frankly there was nothing left to hide.

I hate you, Bernie.