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Piscean Blogger Birthdays

Documenting the flow

by j. brotherlove

If you follow astrology, then you know it’s all about Pisces (my zodiac sign) from February 19 to March 20. By no means do I plan my life around a horoscope. But I do find them to have insightful tidbits about my life.

Like all astrological signs, Pisces are associated with certain personality traits — some of them “positive” (imaginative, compassionate, intuitive); others “negative” (escapist, secretive, addictive). To be viewed as guidelines, of course. One common thread I have found:

Pisces are not typical people. They are too idealistic and impractical for every day run of the mill living.
[All About Pisces]

This can be a good or bad setup, depending on our situation. Good thing some of my favorite bloggers are Pisces to document the experience:

And before you ask, yes - I am one of my favorite bloggers. You have a problem with that? Let me know if I missed anyone.

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I’m so pisces.

Colin of has a birthday today as well (2/20). Christopher-David’s birthday is on 3/16.

Now that I think about it, I don’t think either have them have blogged actively in the past six months or so.

I’ll have to add Colin to my list of reads. Christopher David hasn’t blogged in over a year. I’ve issued an APB.

They’re just being your typical Pisces. Wishy-washy.

I’ve got something for you to bob on.

March 5th here!

LOL @ comments 4 and 5.

You know, I don’t know if traits of signs are generic to get some buy in or does your birthday actually provide some insight into your character as a person.

You missed me March 2nd :)

I love being a Pisces even though I’m not one who ever even reads her horoscope. I’m not a typical Pisces however; I’m impatient as hell and practical to the point of annoying people to their last nerve. Having said all that, March birthdays rock hard.

Pisces and proud of it! March 8. Practically my whole fam is Pisces - sister’s the 3rd, dad’s the 6th, I’m the 8th, big bro’s the 10th and I got an aunt on the 18th. We’re one big wishy-washy family!