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National Blogging Online 2007

still/here; most days*

by j. brotherlove

At one point during our recent Atlanta Black Gay Blogger Meetup we discussed this week’s Phyre events. Today is designated as National Blogging Online, intended to celebrate some aspect of black LGBT history. We were stumped about what to write. And then Karsh reminded me that as someone blogging for nearly 10 years, I am already a part of black LGBT history.

I lived through Thing Magazine, Looking For Langston, SBC, shaft, urbanerotica, Tongues Untied, Watermelon Woman, Just As I Am, B-Boy Blues, Paris Is Burning, Brother To Brother, Noah’s Arc and eight Presidents. And, to paraphrase Bill T Jones: still/here.

Despite the odd name (isn’t everyday national blogging online?), I am contributing a poem I wrote entitled most days* to the cause. It currently serves as my desktop (full pic on Flickr). A caveat for those unfamiliar with my poetry; it’s possibly NSFW

most days by j. brotherlove

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Uhm…where da pictures from the ABGBM?