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Post Birthday Sharing

Not without a mouthful

by j. brotherlove

Thanks for the birthday wishes. They are much appreciated. I accomplished about half of my list and that’s not bad. The Oh Five will involve me coming out of my shell more. I hope. Wish me luck on that.

Some things to share…

  • Two Urban Licks combines good food with dramatic atmosphere (think upscale Houston’s meets The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover) but service sucked so bad this past weekend, it’s unlikely I’ll go back.
  • Am I crazy for thinking Their Eyes Are Watching God was a competent film but heavy on the watered down, boring side? No, I’m not the only one. Methinks I’ve had my quota of black folks in period pieces. Time to depict us in the Now (or the Future). I’m just saying.
  • I also agree with Carla that Be Cool was not the non-stop entertainment blockbuster I wanted. But it definitely had some key moments. Vince Vaughn is a stone cold gas in it. Repeat viewing should improve my opinion.
  • Speaking of repeat viewing, it has taken me two months to watch Bulgarian Lovers - and I’m still not done. It’s not a bad film; I just pick the wrong times to watch it. I’m surprised Netflix hasn’t put out an APB.
  • In the blogosphere, the Atlanta peach known as Jeneane is challenging folks to diversify their blog reading (here and here). She’s writing more from a white blogger perspective but I challenge the blogfam - including myself - to check themselves on that tip, as well.
  • Personally, I don’t have time to jump on every bandwagon you crazy bloggers anoint, but it’s nice to see Jonno’s wists list and I are on similar wavelengths. Well, except for that Mac thing.
  • Speaking of Apple, Loverboy blessed me with an iPod Mini! I’m digging the size and convenience. And can I just mention accessories for a minute. This thing’s got accessories for your ass. Can some one break down the don’t miss items for me? I’m overwhelmed. PC compatible, please.
  • Over the weekend, I finally became obsessed with Amerie’s “One Thing”. And how could I not? I’m a sucker for R&B artists using live instrumentation. The beats are ridiculous and the video questions my sexual inclinations. But what the hell is she singing at the beginning (and end)? My temporary brotherlove lyrics: “Not without a mouthful”. I’m certain that isn’t right, though.

That’s all for now.

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Glad your birthday turned out smashingly. Your assessment of “Be Cool” is spot on for me. It wasn’t as funny as I’d though it’d be, but it was still entertaining. And between Vince Vaughn and The Rock, the laughs were coming pretty constantly. Steph and I are still walking around saying, “Twinkle, twinkle baby, twinkle twinkle.” LOL

happy belated birthday! enjoy the ipod.. it has slowly become my new fool’s gold!

HAAAPPPPYYYYYY BIIIIRRRTTTHHHDAY!!!! I’m still Ipod-free, but I’m gonna have to make the leap. Let us know how cool it is. Be well, -j.