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Let’s Celebrate

Soliciting birthday suggestions

by j. brotherlove

“Loving each other, needing each other”

I’m trying to maintain an A in my classes so I can get all of my tuition reimbursement, dontchaknow. Friday will be here in no time and I’ve been so busy reading and studying, that I haven’t planned by birthday. So, I’m taking suggestions.

Update: I crossed off the things I did.

Under consideration:

Any other suggestions?

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Wow, such options abound…..

Well I am free to help you celebrate on Friday.. and Saturday after 5PM, and all day Sunday…(I have an all day gig on Sat that I totaly forgot about :( )

Party on!!

this Outlook reminder keeps telling me every 12 hours that your birthday’s coming up. time for me to dust off the going-out-wear. does this make me the designated driver?

don’t answer that, prick.

I’m excited by all of your potential plans. Particularly setting up the new laptop (jealousy reigns). I have confidence you’ll do the weekend up right and celebrate the glorious occasion of your birth.

such options!! whatever you do, i know you’ll do it up right. i will be thinking of you.

You know which one I’d choose.

Happy Birthday! These are great options. I myself will be seeing “Be Cool” this weekend, and perhaps picking up the new Alana. But the film festival and Romare Beardon sound good too. Not to mention that new computer. Whatever you choose, enjoy!

Happy birthday! The new Alana Davis is very hot; Norah has nothing on her. And if you can find Bad Education here in Atlanta, let me know! It’s good though. And the Romare Bearden exhibit was very inspiring for me; make sure you check out the Ernest Withers photography exhibit also.

Happy Birthday!!!

I hope I didn’t miss the day, but how about a nice breakfast, check out the exhibit, then brunch at Red Chair, then the Film festival…and then at night…CLUB HOP! The laptop will be there…ENJOY YOUR DAY!!!

Happy Birthday (belated)

i’ve been so busy planning my b-day i compeletely forgot about all my other picean sisters and brothers! happy day man! hope you enjoyed it!


Happy Birthday to ya … Happy Birthday!

Hope you had a great time, and did everything. Red Chair has fabulous brunches, I miss them.


Belated birthday greetings.

So, how did you celebrate?

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a great birthday weekend.

16. nappi

Happy Belated Birthday, fellow pisces!

Happy Birthday. Life is short, do all those things, even if it takes you until your next birthday ;)

Happy belated birthday, j.brotherlove.

Peace and blessings to you …

Happy belated birthday, piscean brotha