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Sherri to Latifah: “A fine man wouldn’t help”

Whoopi tries to save; Latifah warns

by j. brotherlove

In case you missed it, Queen Latifah and Gabrielle Union were on The View today promoting that sad excuse for a film, The Perfect Holiday. Based on the cast and trailer, I’ve nicknamed it "Soul Plane with snow". I’m probably being too harsh because I haven’t seen the film. But Clay Cane has:

The Perfect Holiday is as stale as a piece of blueberry cornbread being used as a prop in a Tyler Perry production titled "Why Did I Get Married to Daddy’s Little Girl If Madea Is Her Lesbian Lover?"


However, the appearance did give us one treat. Sherri Shepherd had an opportunity to make one of her daily faux pas (you can almost set your watch to her). In this (Freudian?) slipup, she stated "a fine man wouldn’t help" Latifah.

Catch Whoopi and Joy correcting Sherri on the phrase "wouldn’t hurt" and Latifah’s face as she warns Sherri "You on the fence now!" Obviously the ladies discussed the lesbian wedding rumor swirling around this week before the start of the show.

Dang, Sherri! You come off as that friend who you can’t tell anything personal.

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Sherri is one notch more palatable than Elizabeth. sigh. I want to like her but then she opens her mouth and says something stupid and I have to just shake my head and change the channel.

is Mammy still on TV?

3. tdubbs

well im glad sherri is on, she is funny even when she says something silly, and we are all watching so we must love it, lol,

Sherri is prone to brainfarts, but I like her. She does come off as the friend that you can’t share anything with though. lol

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