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A Preview of Kortney Ryan Siegler’s film, still black

Documenting black transgender men

by j. brotherlove

Kortney Ryan Ziegler is doing some of the most important work in my opinion. She recently posted this excerpt from still black, her “current experimental film project which is the first documentary to investigate the lives of black transgender men” on her blog blac(k)ademic.

I posted a quote from her Chicago Reporter interview from earlier this year discussing her “experiences as a black academic, lesbian, blogger, filmmaker and as a member of the first class in Northwestern’s African American studies doctoral program.”

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1. Phoenix Brangman

I just stumbled on to this site while looking for other black transmen and saw your new film project. I’m glad that you are doing this project. The images of people who look like me are an unfortunate rarity. I transitioned three years ago and a have a supportive community but they are mosty white. God knows I miss the connection of other black folk, which is why I was online in the first place. If there is anything that I can do to help/participate please let me know.


Thanks for your comment Phoenix. As someone who scours the net searching for meaningful information to share with the black LGBT community, I empathize with your difficulty in finding others in your similar situation.

Please be sure to contact Kortney (the documentarian of still black). I will email you as well if I run across any additional information.

hey j.brotherlove. thank you SO much for posting this. it’s nice to know that folks are interested in the project!


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