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thebrotherlove Gets Naked!

How do I look?

by j. brotherlove

How am I hangin’? Low and to the left.

It seems appropriate that my website is “naked” since that’s how I prefer to be when I write it. Sorry, TMI. So, at the last minute, I decided to participate in CSS Naked Day. Optimally, I would’ve liked to tweak my code a bit for readability but hell, that sort of defeats the purpose of the movement, right?

This exposure has made me aware of a couple of issues with my stylesheet. Things I have learned since orginally tweaking the default MT code. I’m not sure if I’ll address those things any time soon or just wait for the new version of this site. I’m leaning toward the latter. I wish I had a redesign ready to unveil after this experiment is over.

Oh well… There’s always CSS Reboot on May 1st.

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I can’t believe I stepped out of my comfy Bloglines to see some nudity and there is NONE.


Trust me, Elle. Until I get onto some sort of excercise plan, this is a whole lot easier on the eyes.

Who knew that when you get naked, you’re pale and white!

4. Kathleen

u got my heart going for nothing…figures.