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Art, Commerce and Keepin’ It Real

A draft of sorts. Because at times, planets align and circumstances coincide to reveal a common thread. Or — when a brief IM chat with…

by j. brotherlove

A draft of sorts. Because at times, planets align and circumstances coincide to reveal a common thread. Or — when a brief IM chat with buddy Belasco (featured in this month’s Blue) smacks oddly of aspects of the Africana interview with Kelis (via JT’s peripheral vision), Erykah Badu, at least the last two seasons of The (un)Real World, my boi Peven Everett and Joi, then it’s time I paid closer attention.

I really should explain that part better.

Sometimes, you have to manipulate your craft (or the marketing of your craft) so that you can make a living, a profit even. It can get out of hand though. The trick is knowing how much to “give” before “selling out”. Who can say what is the right amount? I’m examining those who budge a little and those who budge a lot and trying to see where I fit in.

Y’see, I am trying hard to “keep it real” here at thebrotherlove.com. A couple of issues I have to address: lethargy and the fear of success; bruising egos; losing hits; and trying to shake a few pairs of hungry eyes that probably shouldn’t be reading this. Lots of distractions though. Some good, some… just distracting. But what’s a hypersensitive non-heterosexual to do? So today’s lesson: Notoriety is easy to attain. Credibility and respect, on the other hand, take a bit more work.

P.S. I am totally feeling babygirl’s post regarding “transblogmation”. I’m paraphrasing, of course. I do that, sometimes.

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Those 15 minutes sure do feel like a long time, sometimes, don’t they…

I am with you on losing hits. I was afraid of that, too. The easiest thing to talk about is myself, my own personal stuff. But it’s tiring. I don’t know if I feel like how I described in my entry because I’ve just been doing this for a long time (personal blogging) or because I’ve been journaling a lot OFFline. Maybe a little bit of both. I may do personal stuff every once in awhile. Mainly I just want to evolve my ish. :) You know, transblogmation. Heh.

go on…do you!

If only real life worked that way!