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Holy Crap!

The revolution has already begun

by j. brotherlove

For the past two weeks, I’ve been mixing and matching information from PBS’s Slavery and the Making of America with historical studies and the role of the black church. Naturally, I’ve drawn some interesting parallels to modern day “blackness” and our dependence on religious “leaders” for direction. I would love to spend more time fleshing it out but you know how that goes. There’s never enough time.

Nevertheless, it’s wonderful when the world speaks to you and you are quiet enough to listen. Loverboy calls attention to Purchased Pulpits and Spiritual Exploitations, posted by the busy Jasmyne Cannick. It includes this gem:

“According to [a group of Black pastors under the name of the Hi Impact Coalition], topping the list of issues that Black Americans need to focus on is the protection of marriage. Never mind the war, access to healthcare, HIV/AIDS, education, housing and social security, the number one problem facing Black America is same-sex marriage.”

As Loverboy says “I am convinced too many within the African American community are caught up in being religious and therefore become prey to following men (pastors) and not the true teaching of Christ. This I have observed over 25 years of being a member and group leader of churches.”

So you see, it’s not just us pagans who are fed up. It won’t be long before I start canvassing my neighborhood and shaking the black off folk. Or something. Makes me wanna holla.

Have a great weekend, people. The revolution has already begun in case you hadn’t noticed.

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Folks like those pastors stand before a crumbling dam in their swimming trunks and goggles, holding a bucket.

The revolution has begun and most of our people don’t even realize that. Unfortunately, the revolution still has the opportunity to be bought and stolen. Our revolution will kill many of us.

It boggles my mind that the pastors who are so dead against gay marriage are the same ones that forsake the plight of the poor. There are more passages in the about helping the poor than there are about homosexuality. These guys seem to differentiate what they consider sin, and they get their parishioners caught up in the mix too. There are no degrees of “sin”. My fornication isn’t any smaller than your murder. It is what it is.

I’d like to sit down with all of these pastors and have a good study of the book of Ezekiel…which extra emphasis on chapter 16. Sodom & Gommorah wasn’t destroyed because of gay people. Sodom was destroyed because of selfishness, vanity & neglect of poor people. The majority of the negro pastors seem to skip that part of the bible.

That Sodom & Gomorrah misconception is so irritating - and prevalent. I just wanna scream at people “Do you read this book or just repeat everything your pastor tells you?”

5. Jaqua

Imagine their faces when you try to explain to them that “sin” is a man made concept and has nothing to do with God

Jaqua, now you’re asking for a real fight on your hands. Care to elaborate for those out of the loop?

Yea…I’d like to know how sin is a man-made concept myself…

The floor’s all yours Jaqua

8. Jaqua

Think about it who wrote the bible? man, who came with all of these laws of shalt not and shalts? man, Who came up with the concept of right and wrong? man. And the more we suppress ourselves the more we fail to live. I find it hard to believe that God as we can concieve of it, as a Being capable of placing laws on man that keep him from experiencing the reason that we were put here in the first place. Man creates laws, God observes.