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Short Term Goals

Every little bit counts

by j. brotherlove

Okay, so I knocked out a diet plan, added a little bit of excercise to my life and registered for two classes, starting next sememster.

Now I just have to work on my “bah humbug” issue, pay closer attention to my health and handle that other thing.

I’m getting there.

“I used to want to save the world. Now, I just want to help a little bit.”
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Bravo for the accomplishment of your short-term goals.

My “now I just have to work on” list sounds very similar to yours. :) But hey, a little bit at a time…

2. Bernard

OOoh, you’ve quoted a good friend of mine. We’ve known one another for 10 years now… she’d definitely be tickled to see this. As for a diet plan, I’d try it myself… but with 1/2 a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge and 2 new bundt pans (including that flexible one), who has time for a diet plan? hahahahah

Ohhh, congrats on your accomplishment, you totally rock! ;)

You know I am excited about the classes sign up. Merry Christmas baby!

*rubs eyes*
Bink? Is that you?

Yes baby, its me! :D