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Random 10

Radio, my way

by j. brotherlove

I’ve been listening to music on my computer, lately (generally, I listen to music in my car and at work). Since I’m using mp3 software, I can see which songs and artists get played more than others. But my favorite thing is to click “random”. There’s nothing better than being surprised by every song that plays while knowing it’s going to be one I like.

The first 10 of the day:

  1. “Church” - De La Soul
    The Grind Date
  2. “Making Love to the Air” - Taja Sevelle
    Toys of Vanity
  3. “Tutu” - Miles Davis
  4. “Blowing Kisses In the Wind” - Paula Abdul
  5. “Do You Know?” - Donnie
    Colored Section
  6. “Shiva-Loka” - Alice Coltrane
    Journey in Satchidananda
  7. “Brown Paper Bag” - Roni Size
    New Forms
  8. “I’m Thinking of Your Man” - Anne Dudley/Pro Arte Orchestra
    The Crying Game: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  9. “Journey Into You” - Leon Ware
    Musical Massage
  10. “Pantsula 4 Life” - Kabelo
    Everybody Watching
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Making Love to the Air!
*Puts on Taja Seville…*

I know, right? Actually, I think I was more tickled to hear Paula Abdul via The Family Stand. Hehe. What a throwback!