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The MLK Wrap Up

[ Note: If you reached this page searching for Janet via Google, you probably want this page instead ] Whew. Where do these three-day weekends…

by j. brotherlove

[ Note: If you reached this page searching for Janet via Google, you probably want this page instead ]


Where do these three-day weekends go? Not to worry, I made the least of it — hehe. I stuck to my guns and avoided most situations that required me to chat about where I’ve been and what I’ve done since last being seen on the scene (some think going to clubs and parties are a requirement for black, gay men).

Basically, I needed and took a lot of quiet time for myself. I’m at a point where I take that time regardless of what else is going on. Thankgod for being in a relationship with a man who (usually) understands that.

Consequently, I finally finished Toni Morrison’s Love (I’m still getting over reading it) and watched quite a few DVDs with Loverboy at my Midtown Summer Home. And I did make it to Lee Hayes’ book signing at Outwrite (actually I snuck in toward the end of it). It was a well-attended event for a charming man.

Most of Saturday and Sunday was filled with running personal errands. Sunday evening, I intended on taking a nap and waking up just in time to watch Sex In The City. However, five minutes after I walked into DIC, the Christopher David 2004 Promotional Team walked in behind me. Someone say party? Just add water. Actually, it was more of a social/signing/chill-out type event; very intimate and low-key.

FYI: All the good things you’ve read about my Piscean brother are true. He’s very genuine, down-to-earth, and warm sunshine wrapped up in a talented package that’s easy on the eyes. Sdot only intensifies the glow. In fact, the entire Promotional Team is a page right out of a Janet Jackson tour book. Good fun, really. Unfortunately, I left before the female guests kicked off the impromptu class in Contemporary Lesbianism (see — we versatile up in the DIC).

Monday brought about the much deserved, worldwide praise of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the return of the Boycruiser to regular humming status. So, all is well.

Make this week count, why don’t you. And do something different for a change; life is short and you’re not getting any younger.

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Glad you had a good weekend!!!

Wow! What a time—what a time! Bruh-Love it was all that and a bag of chips meeting you and Loverboy and hanging out at the infamous DIC! Add to that you’re a March Pisces and it’s no wonder we didn’t tear the house down! Stay up brother, and I’ll catch you on the next go-around!

good for you, j.

i accepted a new job this week and will be leaving my professional “home” of the last 9 years. how’s that for doing something different??

Thanks, James. And Chris, keep the faith.

Mucho Congrats, Lisa! Wow, your life continues to change. I hope to be able to say the same re: a new job, this year. My current gig is rotting my brain.

Should read - “Life is short and surgery is always an option”.

[- don’t mention it.]

6. sdot

And 5, 6, 7, 8…. This is sdot getting prepared for the Half Time show at the Super Bowl….LOL. Man I had a great time hanging with you at the DIC, and it was a pleasure meeting you.
Gotta run, some girl is kicking all wrong….damn its hard finding good backup dancers…lol.